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Why is it important to focus on the processes rather than the provider when selecting a HCM system?

Updated on February 8, 2011

          In Kenney (2007), the author cited suggestions presented by Christa Degnan and Koppel Verna of AMR Research Inc. for manufacturing companies who are implementing an HCM software project. One of these suggestions include focusing on the process and not on the providers by prioritizing what you do today and making sure that you know how you need it to work by looking at what must be changed and why should it be changed.

          The rational for this could be that running an HCM system requires knowledge and expertise and a company who intends to delve into this kind of business must know how to make it work without assistance from HCM providers. This is important to avoid being too dependent on the provider at all times. When the company knows how to make its software work and knows the processes involve, then it becomes more efficient in managing the business.




Kenny (Nov. 2007). Nine Steps Toward an HCM Software Implementation. Retrieved July 6,      2009 from


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