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Make Business Website Successful

Updated on December 10, 2015

Should you make a website for your business?

Do you have a business and want to see if making a website will benefit you? Not only will a website benefit you, it will definitely help your business or company. Do you feel stumped on how to start your website and why you should create a website? Many businesses now have a website to help advertise their company. I will go into detail on why building a website for your business is a good idea.

Advertise Your Business Website to make it Successful!

Affordable advertisement is one huge benefit from a business site. Instead of paying an outrageous price for billboard, newspaper, telephone, magazine and commercial ads for your business, you can advertise online. Having a business web presence is today’s key to marketing your business.

Forget about the expensive ad that is located on the back of the telephone book. Does anyone even pay attention to these types of business ads anymore? There are not many targeted customers to reach with your ad in the newspaper, telephone book or magazines anymore. People read magazines and newspapers for their helpful articles. People use the back of their telephone books as a paper weight. Or if they are like me, they use the back of the phone book as a mouse pad, drink coaster or fly swatter.

Advertise your business online where there are thousands of people searching for your business. Newspaper companies have lost many of their subscribers to the internet. Many people can look up their local and daily newspaper right online for free. Why pay for something if you can get the exact same thing for free. Use your website as your business advertisement. It is way cheaper than paying for a yearly business ad that nobody pays attention to.

More money is the main benefit on building a website How does this work? Let me explain to all novice website builders how making a website will give you more money in your pocket. You build a website and wait for customers to come give you their money. No, this last statement is incorrect. Building a website takes time and you can’t just throw it together real fast and wait for the money. You have got to learn how to build a working website, a successful website!

Good content and targeted customers will bring the visitors to your website. They may come and go at first without coming to you to make a purchase. However, if you take the proper steps and build a successful website, your website will bring you paying customers. You can’t just leave your website and not do any site maintenance. If you want returning and steady customers to your business, you need to update, promote and sell your website to them. Update your website and you will eventually receive money from your website. Sell your website to customers as if they were physically in your business.

Expand your off-line business with online monetization. Building a website gives you thousands of online money making opportunities. You can build your company or business bigger. Partner up with other similar companies on the internet. Look at what they are doing to help with making extra money for their off-line business. Add affiliate links that gives you extra advertising or business expense money. Re-invest the online money that you make off of your business website into your business. Buy more products with the online money or find new ways to advertise your company.

Turn your off-line business into an online business. Why only receive money from your local business when you can do both? Start a online business as well as make more money from your local and off-line business.

There are several paid to click advertising companies that you can partner up with that helps you make money from your business site. Add google adsense ads to your website. Or advertise your business website with google adwords.

Take your business to your customers. Instead of waiting for them to walk through your company doors, go find them online. Build a business website to get more customers, which then means of course, more money for your off-line business. Building a successful and popular website will increase your business revenue. It takes just a little determination, patience and consistency.


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    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 8 years ago from Oregon

      Lily rose, I have made one of these websites that explain much more detail. It is the one in the picture above. I know I should of added a link to it. First article and not completed sure how hubpages work. Thanks for the views and comments. Contact me anytime and I will help you!

    • emievil profile image

      emievil 8 years ago from Philippines

      Great advice, great hub. I'm thinking of taking up classes for website programming. Hopefully, will get one running by the first quarter next year =).

    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 8 years ago from Oregon

      Thanks everyone...I appreciate all of the support. More wonderful articles on the way! I will view everyone's I can. Thanks!

    • Aqua profile image

      Aqua 8 years ago from California

      I think every business needs a website - yesterday! To me that just makes good- and basic - business sense. Nice article!

    • Lily Rose profile image

      Lily Rose 8 years ago from East Coast

      Now I'd like to read one about how to go about creating the website you discuss here...

      Good hub.

    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 8 years ago from Canada

      I like where you are going with your Hubs. I think you have a real talent for what you are doing.

      Be sure to keep writing and you will do great here.

      Welcome to HubPages

    • Angel Of Love profile image

      Angel Of Love 8 years ago

      Good advice for business owners. Welcome to HubPages and keep the hubs coming.

    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 8 years ago from Oregon

      Thank-you so much...finally someone contacted me lol. I thought I was on a ghost site lol!

    • profile image

      Crazdwriter 8 years ago

      Great hub! Chalk full of great info and tips. Good one!