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Why People Are Not Going To The Malls Any More

Updated on March 6, 2017

The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, in Arlington, Virginia, United States

Vertical Shopping mall
Vertical Shopping mall | Source

Shopping Mall Problems

The jobs at the mall have been changing. The new stores are not known to people that frequent the mall.

There are not enough of a diversified approach to the new job market.


Many clothing stores in the mall offer the same type of sizes. There are few larger or very small sizes. Also, very small sized do not want to go to the children's section or preteen section to buy clothing.

Small sizes. This place could attract teens or preteens to walk into the store. This makes smaller people think they are children and not adults.

Larger sizes. This attracts attention from larger people. Yet, the employees are a not the size of the clothing. This puts larger people off from going into that store.

Eye Doctor

There is no doctors office. But, there is an eye doctor.

-Why go to the eye doctor at the mall? The other types of doctors are not there at the mall.

-This point is more present when there are two or more eye doctors present in the area of the mall. Those wanting to get glasses don't have to go inside the mall to pick-up the glasses.

They can wall in a store that is only a place that is dedicated to eye health.


I don't see anything wrong with food courts. This allows people to stay there for some time. This could be the only reason that gets people into the building.

- Taking out the food court can be deter people from going to a mall.

Small Food stores or restaurants

I think that the food prep area should be much larger. If there is no room the employs will not want to work there.

Too large food store or restaurants

This place is far too large for the space. There is extra space to set. There is a lot of nothing in that store.

--Maybe, a few tables. There should more seating space or some product other for sale. But, there is only some fruit or tea drink at the end of a too much space.

No one knows if they should go in. There is a lot of employees standing around and looking creepy.

Too many young looking people employed

I know young people need jobs. But, when the people employed look like they should be in high school and not working ... this notes a bigger problem in the area.

High Prices

The prices on the clothing is higher than what is found on-line. This is a problem.

Furniture stores

This is great for the mall where I live. People from all around go to the store. However, five stores of nothing but furniture is a problem.

--If a store is popular it should have its own area that is sounded by similar items.

Strange clothing

The clothing looks ugly and the place looks messy and dusty.

No grocery store

Why not buy groceries at the mall? There use to be one at the mall near my home.

Not kid ffriendly

The play areas are small or being taken out.

-This includes no child care for smaller children.

- The child stores look too clean looking and expensive.

Arcades are slowly being taken out of the malls

This has to do with people leaving there children there. The problem could easily be managed by the parent paying a fee for the children to be there.


Movie type:
There are none or they cause too much to stay in the mall.

Stage type:
There is none of those. Yet, this would increase business.

Not within walking distance

People are moving to allow more space for the shops to explain. This increases traffic in the area. It gives people more variety to go other places.

People are not going to go to the mall when they can go across the street from it to find the same thing.

Graffiti only area

There is no sculpture. There is only wall spray painted.

No bike lanes to get to mall.

The lanes are too small or they don't exist. But, there are places to put bikes at the mall.

The parking lot has no place for bikes to drive, either.

No entertainment for those that don't want to shop

Their should be other ways to get people to spend money and time there.

People no longer allowed to walk the mall.

People are told to buy are leave the mall.

Gifts for the home

This are too expensive. People going to the mall want this to place around the house not to keep around the house all year.

Art shops

One person has lots of art. This is a problem when there are other art people in the area.
There should be craft fairs at the mall. I don't understand why this does not happen. Malls are closed in areas that would be great for crafts and movable art.


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    • DChance2 profile image

      DChance 13 months ago

      I miss the mall like it was when I was a child, though.

    • Gwenneth Leane profile image

      Gwenneth Leane 13 months ago from Glen Osmond, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

      People maybe not frequenting the malls because on line shopping has taken the place of malls.

      It is easier to buy clothing from the comfort of the arm chair.

      It is easier to order in prepared and cooked meals

      I would not say it is healthier to line on-line but it is easier