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Why take Email Appending Services for your business

Updated on August 24, 2016

Why take Email Appending Services for your business?

Suppose, you are a senior marketer of your company and you have a database of customers. The database consists of customer names, phones, physical addresses, gender, age etc. Now, you have a new product launch in next one week and you want to reach customers in next three-four days. So, you need to have a communication channel by which you can reach customers effectively.

Tele-calling can be a good way for reaching customers but here are the problems:

1) Not all customers will pick up your call on time

2) Even if the customers picks up your call, they won't listen to you

3) Also, you won't be able to promote your entire marketing offer over phone

So, at this moment, you need to choose a marketing channel where you will be able to reach all the customers in least possible time and also will be able to promote all the entire offer. There is no problem in scratching your head as the solution is in hand. You need to have the accurate email addresses of all the customers and you can send them the right promotional emails through email marketing.

So, if your customers database is without emails, you need to append email addresses in the database. With consumer email appending or B2C email appending, you can easily update your database and start multi-channel marketing.

Will email appending be the only thing to do?

No? After email appending, you need the customers' permission to send them emails. This is done as per CAN-SPAM act. If you don't obey this, your sent emails may get complaints from customers and your whole purpose of b2c email appending will be lost. Hence, you need to convert to ordinary customers to opt-in customers for email marketing. Opt-in means your customers will agree to receive business emails from your side.

So, take a break from the so called B2C communication if your database lacks email ids. Go for consumer email append and start communicating with the most desirable way. After B2C email appending, the customers can be immediately contacted and their response from your emails will be instant.

Get assistance from a consumer email appending company and make sure they maintain:

1) Safety & security of the database

2) Have good data matching records from the past

3) Delivers you the email addresses which are properly properly validated

Move one step ahead with B2C email appending and take your business communication with consumers to the next level.

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