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Why to go for chartered accountant jobs

Updated on June 23, 2014

With the rise in real estate and infrastructure costs, fresh chartered accountancy graduates have started working for MNCs rather then setting up their own firm. Also private practise makes it hard to find clients and setting up a firm may take 3 to 4 years. Fresh Graduates get a starting package of Rs 6 lakhs per annum, which is indeed alluring to a 24 year old. More and more opportunities keep coming up in chartered accountant jobs, which has led to the rise in the number of CAs working in various industries. Most of the chartered accountant jobs are with manufacturing and finance sectors. In my opinion taking up a Chartered accountant job is much more lucrative and rewarding in terms of learning and experience; rather than starting your own CA firm as it will be tough for you to find your team, develop a chain of clients and bear the costs involved. So lets take a look what benefits does chartered accountant jobs hold in them for you.

You will be hired as soon as you complete your CPT: Most private companies and MNCs absorb candidates who have cleared their CPT, and which allows the organizations to impart them with the skill sets which are required by their employers. Once you have completed the final level and are certified as a chartered accountant, you will be eligible to earn a monthly salary anywhere between Rs 35 thousand to Rs 1 Lakh.

International Job Options

As a Chartered accountant you will be eligible to apply chartered accountant jobs all across the globe. Your certificate is accpeted and recognized by major developing nations all across the world. Working for a company abroad as a chartered accountant will help you to understand the financial market of that country, international finance compliance and best practices.

Opportunities to upgrade your skills

Chartered accountants are entitled to take sabbaticals and up grade their skill set, which will not only help you grow your skills but will also be of benefit to your employer. Chartered accountancy as a career offers enormous growth as you can always take up courses to add to your skills which will act as a merit when you switch jobs and also might help your earn a promotion with your current employer.

Shortfall in demand and supply

There is a shortfall in talent, when it comes to chartered accountant jobs; as the demand is high and supply is less. Which makes companies lure CAs by offering them with high salaries and considering the skill set you have, you can expect a higher package. This shortfall has led to the creation of chartered accountant jobs all across the country.

Higher Growth Potential

Chatered accountants are involved with high-level strategic decisions, aimed at driving businesses, improving profit margins and increasing market shares. Once you start as a chartered accountant you will be a part of decision making processes which will hone your skills in this domain. And as you complete requisite amount of years in a chartered accountant job, the growth in this profession is un matchable. After completing 10+ years of experience you can aim at becoming the chief finance officer of a company.

Chartered Accountancy as a career provides you with the independence of choosing an exciting career path, the industry of your choice and country you want to live and work. Chatered Acountant Jobs open are a gateway to a wide range of career options, in each sector of business and finance, both in India and internationally. Chartered Accountant's are leading business professionals, which provide essential startegic expertise and consulting in various domains of finance and business. Chartered Accountants are highly in demand all across the globe.

Working as a chartered accountant in India is a sojourn towards being a part of the largest and fastest growing profession, which directs and defines all the business activity. As a chartered accountant you will be an innovator, mentor and anaylze and interpret problems and devise dynamic solutions for them. Chartered accountants rise further and swiftly into more diverse and important roles in an organization. And finding Chartered Accountant jobs is not a mammoth task, as these openings are in abundance which you can find on many of the job portals. Applying for a number of openings will increase your chances of finding the right job.


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