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Why Use a Professional Corrector?

Updated on March 17, 2017

Professional proofreading is not only a skill, it is an art. For a corrector to be effective they must be up to date on various styles of citation and writing and they must possess the ability to understand what their client is trying to communicate. So why not just do the correction yourself? Because a professional proofreader has developed expert skills needed in marketing, branding, language and communication that can help put your text above the competition. Here are three reasons why you should use a professional corrector.

Reason % 1 - Effective correctors are inexpensive compared to the alternative

You have planned your project and it is now time to send it or transform it. Everything is great ... or is it? If your information comes out and there are grammatical errors, make sure that this will not go unnoticed. People read according to what they see on a page. In other words, someone who reads your information for the first time will pick up errors or problem areas right away. A professional proofreader ensures that a positive flow builds up in your work and that it is free of any errors that may go undetected by you but that would be easily perceived by others who are watching your information for the first time.

Reason% 2 - Competent correctors have a fast turn time

A professional and competent proofreader can have a document of 20 pages or more reread within 24 - 48 hours. It might take you one day to pass a single page. Why is there a difference? Well, because a professional knows what to look for. Most people make the same or similar mistakes when writing, simple errors of inverted letters, fragmented phrases, and so on. A professional proofreader, having had experience with many types of text, would see these errors faster than a non-professional because these errors would stand out.

Reason % 3 - Professional proofreaders possess the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done correctly the first time

Yes, as I said in the introduction, but it is worth repeating: the proofreaders have the skills that make them experts in proofreading. A new set of eyes on your work will help your text convey the meaning it is supposed to. Your skills may be limited to what you know or what you want to convey. A knowledgeable and professional proofreader has gained knowledge in communication, marketing and writing that they bring to the table when proofreading your project. These skills allow your text to be polite and accurate, allowing your text to be effective and clean the first time around.

These are just three simple reasons why you should use a professional proofreader rather than reviewing a project yourself. Hopefully these reasons have helped you understand the benefits of using a professional to proofread your documents.


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