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Why working in a call-center should be your last choice

Updated on January 16, 2015

12 Reasons to avoid Call-centers

Reasons are not by any order of importance, just pick the ones you could relate to

Reason number 1: Customers that need assitance have a very low IT level, you'll soon burn out repeating and explaining the same things over and over, 3, 4 or 5 times before the customer understands.

Reason number 2: Have you ever seen how cattle was handled back in the days? Or nowadays for that matter, as a call-center agent you're nothing but a number, that has to achieve targets, metrics, average handling times, chronometred breaks and God knows what else.

Reason number 3: Talking on the phone is different than talking face to face, people are aware of that and tend to loosen themselves more on the phone, while they would agree and thank you face to face, they are more inclined to histerically agress you on the phone.

Reason number 4: There's a great atmosphere on call-centers, truth to be said, but with your colleagues of the same level and departement as you share the experiences you have with customers, the funny stuff the knowledge and you do not depend one another for work purposes, hence atmosphere is great obviously. Yet should you need to contact another department, it's gonna be messy as every one wants to throw the work back at you whether it's higher or different departments agents, no one wants to work and rather have others to do the work.

Reason number 5: Do you like to catch the flu several times a year? Because working on a call-center is how you get the flu several times a year. Due to the open space shared by up to hundreds of person, when one's get sick, the virus is easily propelled, especially when you are encouraged to work even when sick. Yep you got it right, work while sick or loose your performance bonus.

Reason number 6: At the end of the day besides being burned out, you have nothing to show for. I mean I guess that people are pleased that you solve their issues, yet for you as a person it is not rewarding and your time just feels to be irremediably lost day in and day out.

Reason number 7: Do you enjoy being monitored by the second during your eight hours shift? Because that's what you get in a call-centre, also be prepared to sync your biological urges with your breaks...

Reason number 8: Don't expect to climb the career ladder, you'll be stuck in the same position, as long as you stay there, no matter how you perform, without any chance whatsoever do get out of there.

Reason number 9: After the initial months, when you still have a minimum of enthusiasm or curiosity as everything is new and you want to learn, you'll be stuck with redundant tasks and processes, repeating those same borring things over and over.

Reason number 10: Did you had a life priorly? Now you don't any more, your all life schedule is set accordingly to your work shifts, between 7 am to 7 pm they'll even stop you from taking planned vacation by delaying their approval to a few days before you had set them.

Reason number 11: No perks come with the job, you get a paycheck and that's all, no insurance, life or medical plans, vouchers or contests, nothing, just a hard earned paycheck at the end of the week or month.

Reason number 12: Be prepared to have several people bugging you from morning till end, from Team Leaders, Real-Time Controllers, Higher level agents, Operations Managers among others, you'll have half a dozen of people giving you orders.

© 2015 Bruno Fonseca


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