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3 Fatal Mistakes With Affiliate Marketing

Updated on October 8, 2017
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Deon Christie, successful affiliate marketer. Professional Blogger and Search Engine Optimization expert. Published Diamond Expert Author.

The Right Tool For The Right Job

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Blogging And Affiliate Marketing | Source

The 3 Most Common Mistakes

Affiliate Marketing had become an all-around favourite when it comes to making money online, but this also makes it one of the most challenging methods. The key however to stand out from an impressively large group is getting recognised as a professional within your niche. Audiences are growing increasingly annoyed with the floods of random links and tsunamis of junk emails with desperate sales pitches.

If you’re still part of the copy/paste marketing group then you need to pay attention to the three biggest mistakes covered in this article. Remember that with only a tiny 3% success rate, affiliate marketing will present you with near impossible challenges. But nothing is impossible, when you truly love what you do.

Direction is more important than Speed

In order to leverage an audience you will need your own unique content which requires a lot of research. You have to stand out from an impressively large group of affiliate marketers on the internet. You will face extreme competition, and you have to comply.

Your Profitable Niche Or Hobby

The First (And Biggest) Mistake – In a word, Direction which is so much more important than speed because a large majority of affiliate marketers are going nowhere fast. Blindly plunging into affiliate marketing in the hope to drive sport cars within a few weeks will leave you sadly mistaken. This blind plunge is also responsible for the majority of newbies to eventually grow tired of trying and give up.

Now direction is also commonly known as your profitable niche, which should be something you love doing. This is important because when you truly love what you doing, to the extent that you cannot get enough then giving up will no longer be an option. Your profitable niche is also something you preferably have some knowledge off because you need that to create useful and unique content.

All part of a much larger picture, because content is the one thing that leads to actual sales online. To discover your own profitable niche, just write down a few things you enjoy doing. But let it be some things you actually enjoy doing, and also things you actually do and have done, not just some great ideas of what you would like to do. Be specific here and remember that especially a hobby may also turn out to be your biggest online income.

When you make the list, try writing the things you do in full sentences as this may make for great “Anchor Text” later on your journey. Let’s just use an example like gardening for instance, then you may want to include sentences like;

I enjoy pruning trees and add some compost and special nutrients for greener leaves and better fruit. I like trimming the grass edges and water the lawn regularly so it can grow in a much denser carpet. Adding new plants to my garden ads exquisite color and serves as a great stress relieve activity. I also like researching and mixing my own environmentally friendly pesticides.

Take some time to decide on the things you really enjoy doing, because you’re going to need a blog where you will share your unique content with an interested audience. You must also base your domain selection and site title on the keywords relevant to your niche. It will all become a lot clearer once you have decided on your direction.

The Importance Of Blog Post Scheduling

Proper Product Research And Knowledge

The Second (Product Research) Mistake – Blindly choosing a product to promote just because it offers a high commission or simply just looks great is another huge mistake. If you’re going to present your audience with a product, then be sure that it will satisfy a common need you have identified within your audience you wish to target. First you must know the kind of audience you must target, but more importantly what they need so you can offer a solution.

Next you must actually purchase and test the product you wish to promote, it’s called product knowledge. Product knowledge is important because an active audience will address certain issues they have, and you must be able to guide them.

And then there’s the safety net also known by professionals as a “Back Door”, which comes in the form of a full refund guarantee preferably around 60 days. This creates a sense of security with your visitor, but you must also ensure it’s not a false security. Which again is why you must purchase what you intent to promote, and actually test things like the money back guarantee.

Be sure that the product provided the solution you have been looking for and it delivered exactly as promoted. Always research the product through the eyes of your audience, and never claim anything to which you do not have any proof.

Proper product research is part of the knowledge you have to gain that will ultimately result in you getting recognized as a professional. And audiences are much more likely to purchase from a familiar than a copy/paste sales pitch. Approach affiliate marketing and focus on how much you can learn and not on how much you can earn.

The Uncomfortable Truth Of Affiliate Marketing

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Blogging And Affiliate Marketing | Source

Neglecting Keyword Research

The Third (Keyword Research) Mistake – Which is why discovering your profitable niche is so important, it’s the cornerstone of your online empire. There are three categories of keyword research namely Short tail, Long Tail, and Anchor Text research which all have a specific place on your blog.

Short Tail Keywords – These are single, or primary keywords. As we have used the gardening niche a little earlier, let’s go with gardening for the purpose of this demonstration. Great short tail keywords may be Gardening - Fertilizer – Landscape – Plants – Hobby – Tree - These keywords combined have from 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 Google Searches per month, just single out the single words directly related to your niche or hobby. It also comes highly recommended to have at least one or two of these primary keywords in both your site domain name and site title or H1 Header.

Long Tail Keywords – These are usually two to three keywords used together in a single phrase. A good example may be - Garden Fertilizer – Landscape Hobby – Garden Plants – Tree Fertilizer - Long tail keywords can be used in post titles as H2 headers, which form part of your site Google rating. Keywords are part of how you rank your blog in Google along with back links from other sites which is actually even more important for actually ranking in Google.

Anchor Text Keywords – Anchor text is the search text a possible visitor may be entering into their browser for a particular search. In this case with gardening a few good examples may be - Best Garden Fertilizer For Trees – New Plants For My Garden – Gardening And Landscaping Hobby - It points to a specific interest, something your visitor is looking for.

Anchor text should populate the content of your Blog post, and your product you promote in your post must be about New Gardening Plants, perhaps some homemade fertilizer ideas for trees. See how the whole keyword research exercise will get the right audience to your Blog?

The Truth Behind Affiliate Marketing

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Blogging And Affiliate Marketing | Source

A Little Bonus Addition

Many professional affiliate marketer leverage their social audiences by sharing blog posts to audiences on autopilot. Now one of the favorite tools is called Buffer, and it offers auto posting options to all major social platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Yes, you can schedule posting to Instagram, but you need tools like this as Instagram does not offer an option to schedule posts. Buffer also automatically cloak your links, but is is still advised to rather share links to your own sites and landing pages.

Your sales should be coming from two places. Your Blog and your Email List, the rest of your efforts like Facebook Pages and Groups with Google+ Communities and Collections should purely be driving Visitors to your site.

How To Use Buffer

In Conclusion

These Three are among the most common mistakes with newbie affiliate marketers, and most professional even made these same mistakes when getting started. In most cases this is a result of rushing in an attempt to make money faster. Affiliate Marketing is an Art, it’s not a Contest and a journey to which there is no final destination.

Affiliate Marketing is a long term solution to actual online sales and it’s all about tiny objective steps in the right direction. There’s no such thing as a giant leap, it takes time to build an empire.

© 2017 Deon Christie

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