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Will YOU ever be able to stop Working now the Ageing Population and Economic Changes have Kicked in.

Updated on July 10, 2013

What will You do

I have no intention of stopping what I am doing even for no money as it is so enjoyable and I do not wish to grow old either gracefully or in any other way.

Too many times family and friends have reached this milestone and then gone downhill fast once the routine of work and meeting colleagues and friends is no longer part of their daily routine.

This is not an issue about money but about ones mind and body being kept active and having a routine which enables this happy state of affairs to continue.

Diet plays a great part in ones health which is the only true wealth one can have as one grows older.

A recent report in the UK has stated that on average we will live another 18 years if one retires at 65 so any pension or fund source has to be able to cover that if one ceases gainfull employment.

One of the reasons women live longer is that their routine with family, friends, home and garden does not alter as they get older, they are the true multi-taskers of this world as any man worth his salt would admit to.

They always keep doing what they did before, even if they stop working, as women are born networkers and homemakers without having to compete with others, which men always tend to do.

All in all we should be aware of the downside of retirement as stated above and be prepared to keep active our contacts, family, friends and work colleagues and make life choices that ensure longevity, comfort and interest in all that is around us.

That way one can be sure that if we have maintained a good diet, walked a lot and stayed positive in all that one does then the need to retire will be kept on the horizon for years to come.


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    • alanlsg profile image

      Alan Bowman 15 months ago from The World

      You are so right and thanks for your comment it is appreciated cheers Alan

    • profile image

      SenriorResourecNews (Luanne Radcliffe Hinkle) 15 months ago

      I believe the secret sauce to longevity, besides good genes and good health, is staying connected to your passions (people, places, hobbies, and things that stimulate your brain - continuously). We never should "retire" from those things. Sometimes leaving one's 'job" allows one to concentrate more in these areas as well. Depends on where your passions lie I suppose :-)