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Win Free Stuff with Listia Auctions

Updated on July 18, 2015

What Is Listia

I will be the first to admit that I am the world's worst at trying to get something for free. It doesn't really matter what it is either, as long as I don't have to pay for it. I have whittled through various sites, over 1,000 to be honest. I hit on one legitimate site out of every 500 or so sites visited. Listia is, however, the most promising I have ever visited. I was skeptical at first, but I followed the signup prompts and encouragement given to me by the site itself and soon found that I had stumbled upon a potential gold mine of free stuff.

Listia has been around since 2009. It now has over 8 million members/customers. Instead of using the traditional method of exchange of actual currency for items such as eBay and Amazon branded companies, Listia incorporated a sort of virtual currency system. The site offers many ways to earn this virtual currency such as completing FREE offers, filling out surveys, watching videos and simply listing items that you do not want or need. This Virtual Currency can then be used to bid on auctions. Read on to see what Listia can do for you.

What Can I Expect From Listia

Will I make Money on Listia?

Short answer = NO - Listia, as stated before, works on a virtual currency system. You can list items for sale, but shipping is the only physical currency that is exchanged on the site. I guess one could price gouge on shipping, but most of the Listia community veer towards auctions that offer free shipping. So maybe not a good idea to even think about shipping charge.

What is Virtual Currency and what can I do with it?

That's a fantastic question. Let me answer it, unless you want to. Nah, I better just answer it. Virtual Currency is very interesting. Imagine someone gave you and 3 friends $1,000 to split among yourselves. The only catch is that you have to barter that money with each other, buying each other's merchandise. You have $200 worth of stuff that your friends buy from you. Now you have $450. Now you found something that your friend has for sale for $200. You are back down to $250. The new items you have now have cost you nothing. You now find something else for $200 that you want. You have $50 left over. You have still lost no money and you still have $50 to spend. After all, you were given the $250 to start out. And that is basically how Virtual Currency works. You get Virtual Currency just for signing up. They give you Virtual Currency just for signing up. Sounds weird. Had to type it twice.

Listia Currency

Currency used on Listia is all virtual currency referred to as credits. While you can watch videos, list items and complete offers and surveys to earn credits, you can also buy credits with your linked PayPal account.

There are a few different options for buying credits, each which give you an additional discount as to the amount of credits you get. I want to use this portion of this article to show what credits are worth when compared to how much they would cost if you opt to purchase them with PayPal.

There are currently 4 different customized purchase options

1) 11,970 credits for $3.99 (one time only offer) conversion rate = 3,000 = $1USD

2) 25,200 credits for $10.00 - conversion rate = 2,520 = $1USD

3) 52,800 credits for $20.00 - conversion rate = 2,640 = $1USD

4) 110,400 credits for $40.00 - conversion rate = 2,760 = $1USD

Using the fourth option, these are the conversion rates based on a 10¢ scale.

10¢ = 276 credits

20¢ = 552 credits

30¢ = 828 credits

40¢ = 1,104 credits

50¢ = 1,380 credits

60¢ = 1,656 credits

70¢ = 1,932 credits

80¢ = 2,208 credits

90¢ = 2,484 credits

$2 = 5,520 credits

$3 = 8,280 credits

$4 = 11,040 credits

$5 = 13,800 credits

$6 = 16,560 credits

$7 = 19,320 credits

$8 = 22,080 credits

$9 = 24,840 credits

$10 = 27,600 credits

$15 = 41,400 credits

$20 = 55,200 credits

$30 = 82,800 credits

You can use this reference to see how much monetary value credits equal if you were to purchase them via PayPal to show how much of a discount you are really getting and how much your listing is actually selling for.

How Do I Earn Virtual Currency?

There are several ways to earn VC. That's what we in the biz call Virtual Currency. I know. It is very professional.

The first way to earn VC is to simply sign up and follow the prompts from the website. You get 100 VC just for signing up. You get an additional 900 VC for activating your account via e-mail confirmation. You can then connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts for an extra 100 VC each. You will be prompted with about 7 additional goals, such as bidding on an auction, watching an auction and listing an item, which render 250 VC each. Complete your profile also and you get 250 VC. It will require you to upload a photo to get VC. Yes they give you VC for uploading a photo. It can be a photo of your cat or dog or a stick in your yard. You also get 5 VC per day for signing in as well as little surprice VC(2-5) for bidding, watching and listing items.

The second way, and my favorite, to earn VC is to list some auctions. Listing is free. Costs no VC, no money, and it is super fast and easy to do. It takes all of 60 seconds to list an item, if that long. I can list 20 in 15 minutes or less. There may be a promotion for 1,000 VC for your first listing. Listia has various promotions, sometimes daily, for simply listing auctions. Most of the time it is an offer of 2,000 VC for 5 new listings.

The third way to earn VC is to watch some videos. There are several videos on Listia that render 25 VC instantly. Most of the videos are 1-3 minutes long. You can stumble upon a 30 minute video every once in a while, but not often. I think there are about 10 videos per day after you watch all of the initial videos upon signup, because you will have a bigger variety for a newbie. There are about 30 videos that you can watch as a newbie that should give you about 500 VC. I will go ahead and say it. You can just click on the video and leave the browser open and on top while you are washing dishes or cooking or watching TV. It's going to happen eventually. Some of the videos are just not that interesting.

The fourth way to earn VC is to complete some offers. There are Hundreds/Thousands maybe of offers. I do the free ones, because I already have subscriptions to most of the paid ones that interest me. If you don't have subscriptions to Netflix or Gamefly or anything like that then you can score big. Signing up for trials makes a lot of VC. I have, however earned thousands of VC for typing my information into forms and trying out new games. Honestly, some of the games are pretty fun. I had to exit one, because it drew me away from the site entirely.

The fifth and possibly hardest way to earn VC is to fill out surveys.This is my least favorite. I think I have completed 1 out of 100 surveys I have attempted. You have to be a 3 foot tall half raccoon, half tarantula with Count Choculitis disease and earn over $500,000 a month to qualify for any of them it seems. I haven't figured out a way to rig the system on this one yet and I don't think I ever will. It is frustrating. I shouldn't have even typed this VC option. It is frustrating me as we speak.

The sixth way to earn VC is to promote Listia. If you have a website, great, just copy and paste the small Listia picture in a corner. People can click on it. If they sign up with that link you earn VC. Go to forums and post your referal or a banner ad. Facebook it. Tweet it. Tumbl it. There are endless ways to promote it. You will get a hit if you put it on 15-20 different sites. Maybe not today or even a week. But it will render a click and signup. I know because I do it regularly.

The seventh way to earn VC is to get people to sign up with your referal link.

Sign up to Listia for FREE and get FREE STUFF

With all VC in this section total, within an hour or so you should have around 5,000 VC. That's enough to buy something pretty cool. You can spend a little more time completing offers and have 5 times that much, which is what I did.

What Can I Get For Free?

Listia is comparable to other auction sites as far as the diversity of products offered on the site. There is an infinite variety of items you may find. It is really up to the members and what they have to sell. You may even see items on Listia that you would not elsewhere because of the fact that it is Free to list items on Listia. It truthfully is a good way to declutter and in turn maybe get some goodies that you otherwise may not want to splurge on.

Some of the most popular items offered on Listia are: Jewelry, Books, Comic Books, Baseball, Basketball & Football Cards, Rewards program codes (such as My Coke, Kelloggs & Disney), Digital Blu Ray Ultraviolet redemption codes, all sorts of toys, so much make-up, Amazon Gift Cards, clothing & crafts.

Update: 7-17-2015

In a two week period I have now won 10 Digital Ultraviolet Movies on Listia without paying a cent. The total value of these movies if I was to have purchased them from iTunes or Vudu would have cost $135. Proof is on my Listia Profile.

Selling Tips For Listia

As a new user you can only start your bid out with a max 499 VC. So you may want to do some research on Listia to see if anyone is selling the same item you want to sell and see if it is selling for much. The reason why I point this out is because shipping is expensive nowadays. If you sell something for 500 VC, offer free shipping and then have to turn around a pay $5 for shipping then you are going negative. 500 VC is not worth much when compared to actual currency. You can buy VC with PayPal. I have calculated how much VC you get per dollar spent on VC. 2,650 VC is equal to about $1 US. So 500 VC is actually only about 20 cents. Do not be fooled by the large numbers. It is a marketing/business technique to make people think they are getting more than what they actually are. Luckily with these tips you won't be fooled.

Try to find items that have a digital redemption code to sell. You can get codes off of coke caps, DVDs, CDs, Games, cereal boxes etc... These can be easily e-mailed to the winner of your auction. You essentially have no money invested in this type of auction.

Sell something that can ship in a letter envelope. If you can pay less than 75 cents for shipping then you will most likely come out on top. A baseball card, coupons, vintage currency, a secret Alien document known to only you. Any of these are great items and can easily sell for 1,500 or more VC.

What Items Are Selling For

To show you what you can win and sell here is a list of trending items for Listia.

Coke Rewards Caps - 500 credits per

Bitcoin - 500-2,500 per

$15 Amazon e-Gift Card - 70,000-100,000 credits

Sports Cards - 500-10,000 on average

Ultraviolet Digital Movie Codes - 3,000-10,000 credits on average

Use the reference above to see how much credits convert to if purchased via PayPal.

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