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With Hubpages: How to make money online in Nigeria

Updated on May 25, 2010

Sign up with Hubpages to start making money now.

How do you make money online in Nigeria?

By now you should know there are many people who are making money online. Darren Rowse of made $72,000 in a few weeks of launching his ebook. John Chow says he makes more than $40,00 a month from his blog. There are equally Nigerian website owners making a living from their websites such as Seun Osewa of who is probably making thousands of dollars from adsense alone per month. The bottom line is that if you want to make money online even from Nigeria, you need to have an online presence like a website, blog or an account with Hubpages.

One way I would advise you to make money is by Hubbing. To Hub means to write an article and post it on Hubpages, monetizing it such that it brings you continual income, even while you sleep.

Here is my tip for today: " To make money online, be a hubber "

Hubpages is the place to go to if you want to publish your articles and want to get the maximum exposure to it on the web

How do you write articles?
Articles are informational writings. They help share information to readers and can bring traffic to a website from search engines:

  1. How to cook egusi soup
  2. My Isi Ewu recip
  3. Online Payment procedures
  4. Using your Apple Ipad on a Wi-fi

What you need to do is select a category which you can write about and which you have a natural knowledge on and start writing. One thing about Hubpages is that the more articles you write, the more money you make.

Working with Hubpages from Nigeria is quite possible and it allows you to make money from it using programmes such as Google adsense, Amazon, your own product, Chitika and so on.

What you need to do

  1. Get registered at Hubpages
  2. Write a lot of Hubs (At least 50 - 100 articles and keep writing)
  3. Sign up for Google adsense and Amazon
  4. Insert the codes on your hubs in order ot make money from it

How to receive your money in Nigeria:

This is done by means of a foreign cheque. Normally Google adsense sends you a check based on your earnings for the month if it reaches up to 70 for that month. It sends it by mail or courier according to your preference and you can cash it in a savings domiciliary account which you can open with a Nigerian bank for only $150. The cheque normally clears in about 3 weeks after which you an withdraw the funds.

Benefits of using Hubpages

  1. It saves you the cost of setting up a website such as domain names and web hosting
  2. It allows search engines to find your posts almost immediately
  3. It maximizes your writing ability and hence ability to make more money from writing
  4. It can bring more audience to your products


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