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Employment: Don't Ever Quit Your Job

Updated on March 12, 2013

Women And Employment

Quitting your job to play around a big pool in the warm sunshine while sipping cocktails, and laughing with friends may sound like good reasoning. Truth be told though, most of us can't just quit our jobs like that. The only time you hear of someone quitting is when it's a parent who quits to stay at home with the kids. Still in this day and age it's mostly women who do this kind of thing.

Ladies don't ever quit your job. Don't quit for any reason. Not even to stay home with the kids. It's not worth it for you. You would be the one giving up all that you've worked for, and you may never get it back. Think about it. If you take several years off from your job you'll be that many years behind when you go to get back into it.

Your husband may still have his job, but that's just it. It's his job. His resume. His recommendations. His money. What's left that's yours? The needy baby? The lack of a paycheck? The lack of respect?

I'm telling you that unless you have your lawyer draw up papers that say that you will have ample time after your stint with the children, to re-educated or retrain yourself to get a new job, don't do it. Things change. People change. Circumstances change. The next thing you know you'll be slinging drinks at the local watering hole.. Everyone's then used to your being gone every night.The money is coming in, and how do you go for a new job that you have to be trained for, now?

The only thing you can do if you decide to have children,is to get a nanny or some good daycare. If you choose to stay home because you've gotten married and you don't need the money, still keep your job. You never know when your husband is going to get sick of you and want a divorce. Where will you be then? You'll be without a career.

No one will understand why you need retraining. They'll just figure you're making money now, what difference does it make how you do it? It only makes a difference to you.That's why you shouldn't make the decision to ever quit your job. I don't care who's all for it. Whomever they are they won't be there to help you many years down the line. You'll be facing the situation alone whether you're married or not.People aren't attached at the hip you know. They can separate.


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