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Women versus Men in Business: Who Works Best and Why?

Updated on September 27, 2011

Gender issues are among the most important points that differentiate the 19th century society from the 20th towards the 21st century of development. It could be remembered that back in the 19th century era, most cultures kept women behind the doors of their homes taking care of their household and dealing with purely home-based chores. The men were noted to be the primary workers of the family and are expected to produce the financial resources of the household. At the turn of time, events changed and the social course of development has also shifted pace.

Industrialization opened the doors for women to enter the world of men. The 20th century gave birth to the occurrence of social liberty while giving way to the consequential allowance for women to get out of their homes and work for their families. From simple positions such as factory workers, women today are already recognized to take even the highest positions in the field of business industry. How does this particular change in operation affect the modern developments in the business industry? Is it really beneficial for the women to have equal rights with men in business especially in garnering and filling higher-authority positions?

The world of business has been consistently changing ever since the entrant of the principles of social liberty in the modern ways of the 20th century human society. It is evident that the past years of business operations have solely been dependent on male leadership. At the onset of the campaign of liberalism all around the globe, the capability of women to become a part of the productive work force of business entities has escalated from being subordinates to becoming supervisors. Slowly, it has been an obvious observation that the supposedly all-male positions have become equally opened and challenged by the feminine population. What makes this an evidential pattern of change?

The belief that women are not capable of handling the responsibilities that men are easily able to handle is now considered a thing of the past. Practically, women were viewed back then as extremely moody and overtly sensitive about situations that insist n the creation of firm decisions (Chafetz, 1978). It is for these reasons that women were kept away from positions that needed firmer control which were believed to be the capability of men alone. Nonetheless, at the turn of decades, it has been realized that too much firmness in organizations especially in correlation to the practice of leadership has lead to the failure of several business entities worldwide. This then opened to the coming in of the women into the picture.

Through verifiable studies, it has been observed that women sensitivity to matters could provide expandable procedures by which management departments could function better. It has been observed that organizations have women officers at the top position have become more ethical, more concerned about in house development that radiates success towards the relationship that the business forms with its market. Through this responsive result, it was then considered that no matter how seemingly weak women could be in comparison with men in the form of physical attributes and emotional balance, their capability to be sensitive does not cloud their intellect for progress. The weakness of women which was their emotional connection to matters has served them well in defining their role in the field of modern business industries. While firm leadership is essential in business entities, having a sound source of being practically human has caused many entrepreneurs to consider that having women officers taking high ranks in several departments ofthe organization gives the gift of balance rather than the difficulties of imbalance. As a result to this, men and women today, especially in the western areas of the world, are given the chance to share the same rights with men hence getting them in the course of achievement and success without the hindrances of gender-based doubts. These rights do not only protect the women from gender discrimination but also challenge the men to perform better hence remaining practically rightful of their gained positions in the business.

As the world progresses towards heightened developments and extensive form of globalization, the role of men and women are becoming closely related to each other that there are times when it becomes harder to tell the roles of these two genders apart. The reliability of each gender’s capability to perform the job is what matters. This is the reason why today, women forces are considered as equally responsive member of the organization practically the same to the worth of men in their function as leaders of the organization (Lorber, 1991). The defining course of women’s battle towards liberty is what makes them valuable to organizations and thus giving them the option of getting along with their male contenders. No matter what the cause of this equalization maybe, what is important is that men and women are now able to function equally hence giving the institutions and their stakeholders the chance to become the best entities in the industry which further increases their performance credibility in reaching their goal towards achieving more.


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    • profile image

      blog8withJ 5 years ago

      Good stuff. Well...the law here in Canada is that women are valued equally to men. However, there are some companies who treated women as subordinates to men.

    • ershruti304 profile image

      ershruti304 5 years ago from Shimla

      Great hub. But I believe that if you have zeal to do something, you can be best irrespective of your gender. I firmly stick to the belief where there is a will there is a way. So if you do your work with passion and you enjoy doing it, you can definitely be the best.