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Word of Mouth Marketing Techniques

Updated on May 7, 2013

In order to supply your brand with the recognition and exposure it needs to become successful, there are a number of different methods and strategies that can be employed. It is critically important to the longevity of a brand to have it expressed in as many different outlets and ways as possible so that people all over the world will be able to see and be aware of everything your brand represents and offers. There are a wide variety of ways an individual or group can market their brand in today's fast paced digital world, since the internet has given rise to so many social media outlets that can be easily operated and used to the advantage of a brand or organization. In order to further inform individuals about the importance of consistent engagement activities when marketing a brand, some of the best and most effective of these activities will now be introduced and briefly discussed.

Word of Mouth Marketing

By utilizing marketing strategies that operate on word of mouth principles, such as Twitter or Facebook, it becomes possible for an individual to spread information about their brand with incredible ease. Word of mouth essentially refers to the compounding phenomenon of information spreading via people telling other people about a given subject; when someone learns about your brand and they become interested in it, the likelihood is that they will tell others about this brand. Whether it's co-workers, family members, friends, or acquaintances, any kind of publicity that helps your brand gain recognition and build a solid base of interested followers is ultimately going to be very positive with regard to the long term success of a brand or business.

History and Growth of #Brandchat

#Brandchat is basically a utility on Twitter that allows individuals with their own brands to communicate and interface about what their individual brands represent, and it also gives people the chance to find new brands and new information about the hottest products and trends. #Brandchat is a great Twitter outlet for finding brands that are typically a bit more obscure or harder to find, which is generally because most of them are fairly new and still in some stage of development. Using this helpful outlet is great for those brand operators who are looking for more exposure and recognition, but who aren't entirely sure about the best way to go about publicizing themselves. #Brandchat has grown significantly since its founding, due in large part to the way this utility gives small time brand operators a voice in an admittedly hyper-stimulating world where people are constantly bombarded with all different kinds of brands, companies, and other kinds of organizations on a daily basis.

Importance of Using Consistent Engagement Activities

Using consistent engagement activities like Twitter to help display your brand to colleagues, potential clients, advisers, and other individuals who can potentially play a role in the success or development of your brand and business is one of the best ways to publicize a brand in the 21st century. Twitter chats are displayed for everyone to see, so even a correspondence between an individual and your brand representation serves as a kind of mini-advertisement for your brand, that can be utilized as one of the most cost effective marketing tools in existence today.


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    • rohanfelix profile image

      Rohan Rinaldo Felix 

      5 years ago from Chennai, India

      WOM Marketing is also as much a symptom as a solution. It's a circle. Only a popular product will generate Word of Mouth Marketing. And when a product is being discussed widely, it is popular.


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