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Work At Home Jobs- For Real- CSR- No Cost To You!

Updated on August 7, 2011


By accident, as I was searching for employment, I came across a Company name that seemed to be familar to me from somewhere. I was working for a rural telephone Company in Florida that took over a building that was occupied by this Company. Their logo would show up on the front window when the panes of glass would fog over from the hot weather.

The Company is Teletech, they are a global company. They offer work at home jobs in most States, and on their website you will be able to make sure that your State is listed. You will need to have high speed Internet hard wired (desktop) and a land line phone line.

The Company is advertising 4-6 hour shifts, you are a employee of their Company, not a independent contractor. I completed the application and the question section. The questions are geared to how you would react to certain customer service issues.

Upon completion of my application and questions, I was asked to schedule a online conference session, which I did. As we all know it has been very difficult to find any work, especially here in Florida. The cost of fuel to travel eats up all the wages earned at such a low pay rate. Also you have to deal with the highways and the traffic issues, and driving in bad weather due to heavy rain squalls.

I have become used to my own space, not having to deal with the drama of other peoples problems, so I am very happy that I have found this Company advertising. I wanted to share with all the other Huber's in all different States and countries as they are Global.

Also read their website, the Company has many other jobs in so many categories and destinations.

Good Luck and God Bless


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  • profile image

    teletec 6 years ago

    i was hired by this company but had to turn it down because it didnt work with my phone or internet service. it has to be a landline phone. you get part time hours mostly all in eastern time zone so if your on central or anything else you better be watching the time because you will be late for work. the internet has to be hardwired as well.

  • Kate H profile image

    Kate H 6 years ago from Upstate New York

    This is interesting. Please let us know if you get the job and what it entails. I know I would love to know. It sounds like it could be answering customer phone calls or e-mails perhaps. Now if it was e-mails, I will rush to that site and sign right up. I don't think I'd be so excited if it was answering the phone though. I guess it could be both. Either way I will have to check back and see how this works out for you. Good luck! And thanks for telling us about it.