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Your Work From Home Experience

Updated on March 23, 2011

Has Your Work from Home Experience Been to Get Rich Quick, or Not

When considering your work from home, make money quickly, and get rich fast ideas that have passed through my head in the last two years. I know that I am not alone; in today’s economy many people have tried to make money in unconventional ways. These ways usually involve the Internet and having a computer.

I am noexception. I have learned, through hours of surfing the web looking for valid work at home jobs that a very high percentage of the job offers found on the Internet are scams. Many people, including myself, are desperate to find work, like the idea of making money quickly, and want to work at home.

People commonly will try most any scam that sounds a tiny bit legitimate. Unfortunately all too often the story has a very sad ending and their potential "your work from home" jobs just do not pan out.

What Motivated Me to Try Your Work From Home Jobs!

Twenty months ago, I was on maternity leave when my husband lost his job. This is a common story; many families have been in similar situations in the last few years. Knowing others in the same predicament did not make our situation any easier or get the bills paid any faster.

A month went by and my husband still had not been able to find work. I was getting very worried. Our bills were coming due and we had very little money. When one month turned into two then three; I was more than worried. I was scared, anxious, and in a panic to find a way to make money in order to be able to pay the bills. By this time we were two, almost three months behind on our rent, utilities, insurance and Christmas was just around the corner.

Concerned would be an understatement to describe how I was feeling; I was terrified! Would we lose our house? What about Christmas? Will we be able and make it through this financial struggle? All of these thoughts and many more were forever roaming around in my brain. This was why I began surfing the web to try and find a way to make some money through "your work from home jobs".


My Get Rich Quick Experience

Never before having looked for work on the Internet, I was very trusting and believed whatever the your work from home websites said. I searched relentlessly for a week before I found a site that felt right to me. From this experience, I learned to never go with my feelings alone, but to always use my brains too. I did not use much brain power only my feelings, hopes, and dreams when I made the choice to try this work at home website.

The get rich quick and be your own boss website that I got involved with was officially legitimate; it was Better Business Bureau approved. I learned that just because a business is approved through the Better Business Bureau does not mean that the website will not try and get what money they can from you.

I was supposed to be building my own business selling the website’s product. My website provided mentor promised that I would earn back and double any money that I invested in building my business. The mentor also said they would help me every step of the way. My husband and I thought it over and invested three thousand dollars of borrowed money in our new business.

Boy we were dummies!


Realizing We Had Been Taken By the Get Rich Quick Stinkers!

Needless to say we realized about two months into this attempt to build our own work from home business that our mentor no longer would talk to us. We also had not made back a penny of the money we had invested.

Suddenly the realization struck that we had been swindled. It was soon after that that we cut our losses and moved on. We figured out another way to pay the bills; we obviously werenot going to get paid with easy, get rich quick money from our "your work from home" website.

Continuing My Search for Legitimate "Your Work from Home" Opportunities

Even after losing three thousand dollars to an Internet based, work from home scam; I continued to search the web for real job opportunities. By now my husband had found a job and I had reopened my daycare business; financially we were getting back on our feet. By this time I had developed an infatuation with the idea of finding a legitimate your work from home, Internet based job opportunity.

I wanted to figure out which ones were scams and which ones might actually be real money making prospects. Over the next few months I spent a good deal of time surfing the web researching each potential money making website I found.

One of the first things that I learned was that all but a few of the sites that claim to want to help you make money, actually, want to take your money. The money that these websites require you to invest (invest is the word these sites use when you give them your money) is usually more like a donation because you will get little if anything back


Various Types of "Your Work from Home" Opportunities

Your work from home job offers come in many forms from typing jobs, transcribing, business opportunities (such as the one I have described), selling pictures, freelance writing, surveys, telemarketing, and many more. Through my research I found that the websites that promise big money in a really short period of time should automatically be dismissed as a potential scam. Money does not grow on trees; if a website says it does that site is probably trying to get your money to multiply theirs.

Through my research I noticed that many of the websites that offer potential jobs talk about how other sites like them are out to scam people of their money. As you continue reading and researching that money making website usually that site is also after your money, just like the site’s that they say are scams.

My Semi Successful Money Making Ventures!

I have personally tried a few of the "your work from home" money making opportunities listed above with some success. I began submitting some of my photos to stock photography sites and have had a lot of fun doing it. I found some free stock photography sites and have submitted my photos for free. There also are many stock photography sites that charge a fee sell your photos on their website. I have found that this can be profitable.

Freelance writing is another online job opportunity that I have tried with some success. The freelance site that I use can be used for free or upgraded to a package that gives you more opportunities. I chose to upgrade for twenty dollars and made my money back within a few days. I have not gotten rich or even earned enough revenue to quit my real life job with stock photos or freelance writing but I have had fun and earned a little extra spending money.

My Current Ventures to Make Money Consist of Much More!

My search for a real money making Internet based job continues, right now I am working on learning to build a website. I am not disillusioned; I realize that I am not going to get rich quick. It will take a lot of time, work, thought, and learning to build a website that can potentially earn money in the long run. I had to ask myself what I really was searching for; was it to get rich quick or something more. It was something more.

I am working to make a living through the web by selling my photos, freelance writing, and monetizing through my web site. I understand that it will take time, energy and a lot of patience to get to the point that I make enough money to be able and quit my job. In the meantime I am having fun with my artistic side through photography, digital design, my creative writing, and by designing a website; finally I found a few "your work form home" job opportunities that suit me.

A Little "Your Work From Home" Advice

I would advise anyone who plans to earn money on the web to be careful and keep a realistic point of view. Getting rich quickly usually does not happen. Earning money takes time, energy, common sense, and sometimes small investments. There are definitely some legitimate websites on the Internet that will guide and help you learn how to make money; not quick money.

I have not researched all money making sites or possibilities. It is possible I missed one that could get you rich quick; if so let me know. Although, in my experience slow and steady is the way to earn money and most sites that say fast and speedy have hidden intentions that involve getting your money.

Jobs tend to be few and far between in today’s economy and people are looking to make money in other ways, such as on the Internet. So please use caution and do a lot of research before investing your money to any potential money making mission!



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    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I started looking for work at home oppertunities back when my wife got ill due to diabeties. She lost her Eyesight and I tryed desperatly to find a way to stay home with her.

      I soon lost my job of 14 yrs and her health kept detiriating. When she died I was still looking for that money from home job.

      The truth is while they promised me Thousands of dollars a day for the minutes work, I would have been happy with 500 a week. It never happened.

    • JaimeDawn76 profile image

      Jaime Dawn Thompson 6 years ago from Oregon

      Cangetthere-It sounds like you are determined and will do well finding your online work niche. Best of luck:)

    • cangetthere profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi, I have also been looking to work from home.I stopped work last October to be available for hospital visits to the city for a sick family member and to take care of them.I started with affiliate marketing very part time and to date with no success.I fell into a few money traps but luckily small amounts but it opens your eyes.I try to learn something from every trap I step into.I love the idea of working on line and I have not lost heart.I still market my adds each day and I am now training on the art of writing Blogs.I will never give up.

    • JaimeDawn76 profile image

      Jaime Dawn Thompson 6 years ago from Oregon

      Thanks I can use any helpful hints I can get!

    • amontoyasa profile image

      amontoyasa 6 years ago

      Wow that is a lot of money, glad you were able to get out. I know what you are talking about, I have been researching to work from home also and all they want is your money, and I'm still researching. I'll let you know if I find a good one. Good luck and God Bless.

    • JaimeDawn76 profile image

      Jaime Dawn Thompson 6 years ago from Oregon

      Emmyboy & Barbara Kay thank you for your compation.

      Emmyboy sitesell actually is the website that has been guiding me in the building of a website. Have they helped U?

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      Gulp! $3000 was a lot. I'm sorry that happened to you. Best of luck on your new ventures.

    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice one there. It has happened to many people including myself. Problem is that due to human gullibility, scams will always thrive. But it won't last for so long because many people are becoming wary as well as enlightened these days. It was a pity u had to search around to find a safe solution. Anyway that's part of the experience. But u will not search again in vain because there's just one solution 4 u which I strongly recommend. It is Just taste and see. Goodluck wit your effort and God bless you.