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Work From Home: How To Be More Productive

Updated on September 7, 2012

How To Become More Productive

Do you work from home and are you looking for ways to become more productive? There are a few things you can do to become a bit more productive. Check out some of these ways and try to follow the advice if it pertains to you. If you do follow the advice, you may become more productive with your home-based business.

Socializing And Going Out

When you work at home, then you need to have a balance when it comes to work and all other things, including socializing. It is a must that you socialize but you can overdo it and socialize way too much. When you find yourself socializing at bars, clubs, the beach and other spots 3 or 4 more times per week, then you are probably doing too much going out and/or socializing. Try to find a balance that suits you but at the same time will not hamper your work efforts. Going out sometimes and socializing will help keep your mind sane and it should also help you become more productive when it comes to your work, and when you work from home being productive is extremely important.

Spend Less Money On Stuff You Don’t Need And More On Your Online Business

It does not matter what type of work you do from home, the headline to this section can apply to you. That is of course you don’t spend money on stuff you don’t need but if you are one of those people who spend a few dollars a week on junk food and going out often, then you should not spend your money on it for a few weeks. It is surprising that people can buy little things they really don’t need and that it can add up to quite a few dollars. Many people buy junk food when they grocery shop or a daily coffee or daily breakfast from a fast food place and so forth. Start saving that money and start putting it towards your work at home activities. If you spend an average of $50-$60 a month on stuff you really do not need, then put it towards tools that can help you with your work at home venture or invest into some form of advertisement, anything that could possibly help you earn more money. Doing this will eventually help you become more productive, especially if you can make a return on the money you invest into your home business.

Don’t Drink On The Job Or Before

If you work at home, then you know that you have a lot more freedom than you would have if you had to go to a day job. It is hard to believe but there are many people who drink while working or right before they go to work. This is wrong in many different ways and it should not be done, especially if you work for yourself, from home. If you drink alcohol while you are working, then the chances are you will not be very productive. Some people may have no problems at all with having a glass of beer or wine while they work but its when that one glass of wine and/or beer turns into 10 glasses throughout a workday that drinking can become a potential roadblock in running a home-based business.

Don’t Take Non-Business Calls While On The Clock

While you are working make sure to not take any calls that are non-business related. Many people will take quite a few phone calls throughout their workday and this can actually slow down productivity. Think about it, if a person takes 3 phone calls a day and chats on the phone with each person for about 20-30 minutes, then that is an hour or more of work they could be doing. Try to take phone calls when your workday has been completed or take it on your lunch hour, if you give yourself a lunch hour.

Focus On Work Work Work For A Set Amount Of Hours

Finally, when it is time to work make sure that is what you are doing. If you decide that you are going to work from 9-12, then make sure you are working. Stay off of social networking sites (unless its work related), don’t phone friends to jibber-jabber, don’t take a 20 minute snooze or snoop around the internet and so forth. Simply work, work and work some more.

Keep this advice in mind and you could be on your way to running a much more productive home-based business.


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    • scoop profile image

      scoop 5 years ago

      Thank you very much for commenting on my Hub, as well as sharing it. I really appreciate it.

    • jcevans2009 profile image

      Judith C Evans 5 years ago from Boise, ID

      I really relate to so much in this article. I do find that if I go out -- even to pick up a few groceries -- I can work much better when I come home. Great tips in this hub -- voted up, useful, and sharing!