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Work From Home And Make Income Online

Updated on July 18, 2011

What Is Working From Home?

There is a variety of ways to work from home and make income online. Working from home consists of having a home-based job. Generally work from home opportunities allow you to work more or less from anywhere. A home office of some sort is at times necessary, and the very basic requirements are that you are able to maintain a quiet work space where you will be undisturbed during your work hours. Since you will often have to manage your own level of productivity it is important you are able to create an atmosphere with little distraction from your tasks at hand.

More time at home leads to more savings.
More time at home leads to more savings.

Popular Way to Save Money and Make Money

This is a very popular arrangement with people who enjoy the freedom and flexibility that is offered, and also those who wish to cut down on their expenses. Working from home can save the average person a significant amount of money in reduced food and travel costs. When you have a home-based career, you're free to eat at home, and many people find they live a healthier lifestyle due to avoiding the temptations of vending machine junk food and nearby fast food restaurants that is readily available at a most conventional work places.

Telecommuting is a great way to spend more time with family or pets.
Telecommuting is a great way to spend more time with family or pets.

What is Telecommuting?

Telecommuting is a fairly new but growing phenomenon and is expected to drastically change the traditional business structure of a variety of industries in the future.

Call centers, in particular may soon be a thing of the past, as most large corporations switch to providers of "remote agents" who operate from the comfort of their homes, often with simply a computer and a phone.

In addition to a higher level of employee satisfaction it's quite a bit less expensive to operate a call center operation in a manner where the employees are paying for their own equipment, work space and often training, as well. This can further benefit the remote worker in the form of higher than typical wages for the type of work they are performing.

The internet offers a lot of money making choices.
The internet offers a lot of money making choices.

How the Internet has Changed Work from Home Jobs

Working from home has been around for a while, but the type of work one could perform was rather limited. With the advent of the internet, the possibilities have increased dramatically, although most well-known telecommuting opportunities still fall within the areas of writing, editing, transcription work, and customer service. The popularity of the internet has brought with it a very high demand for content creation intended for a web-based platform. It's now quite possible to work full time hours and make significant amounts of money as a freelance writer, either working directly for clients or through a content provider service. The need for unique, well-written content is expected to grow as the internet expands and developing nations become more active online.

Higher income is available with an online business.
Higher income is available with an online business.

How To Make Money Online

There's also a very high potential for money with your own home business. In fact, according to Money Magazine's 1996 survey, 20% of work at home businesses earn revenue between $100,000-$500,000 per year. Additionally, start-up costs for a new home business are generally quite small. If you have a computer, there's a lot of different options available to you. There's really no shortage of ways you can begin to make money online. The most important factor is that you focus your time and energy on one or two different areas and persist in those. Many people tend to drift from one thing to another in the pursuit of fast and easy money, and this is not the approach to take if you're going to be successful. Capitalize on a skill you have and find a way you can use that skill to create a second income online.

Make money for yourself instead of your boss.
Make money for yourself instead of your boss.

Free Yourself From Your Job

Working from home has inspired many people to begin taking a more hands on approach to their career path. Additionally, a lot of those interested in generating passive income have been drawn to work from home opportunities, as many of them do offer the possibility to not just generating money for active work, but continuing to profit with residual or passive income for work you've completed in the past.

With HubPages you can start earning money online right now for free.
With HubPages you can start earning money online right now for free.

Work From Home with HubPages

If you're considering working from home, you might enjoy beginning your adventure as a content producer for HubPages. Writing for HubPages offers the possibility to choose your own topics, set your own hours, and be paid through the advertising that surrounds the articles (called hubs) that you create. It's an excellent way to bring in some extra money each month or even replace a full or part time job depending on the amount of quality content you choose to produce.

Check out some of these HubPages Testimonials and see just how much some people are making from writing for the site you're currently visiting.


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    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 

      7 years ago from Ireland

      Interesting facts about the benefits of working from home. I lost my job because of the recession a couple of years ago.

      I was very fortune to come across this writing site HubPages. I do not earn enough money yet to say I get a good income from writing but I am a quarter the way there.

      It takes time and dedication to work from home in order to make it pay but the freedom from bosses and the flexibility of my time are worth it.

      Thanks for sharing. Up and useful

    • janetlea profile image


      7 years ago from Northern Cal,

      good information and encouraging, thank you.


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