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Work: Happiness at Work

Updated on December 30, 2011

Are we really happy at work?

If you are a white-collar worker and happen to come across my blog, then you are reading the right article. Most of us follow, most of the times, a monotonous routine daily as far as our workplace is concerned - enter the office, work for a few hours and come back home. But there is one question that we really need to ask ourselves ---- are we really happy at work?

The answer to the above question in most cases is a "NO!".

Unhappiness at work --- Interesting facts

There are many articles on the internet that focus on the solution to be happy at work. I would instead mention some few interesting workplace facts from an article in Economic Times below:

  1. Studies show that employee happiness is the main factor that drives business success.
  2. Happiness at work depends only on results (being good at your work and being proud of it) and relationships at workplace (i.e. company culture)
  3. The bossy culture and hierarchical structure are also hampering employee happiness.

Please visit the link below to understand the true relationship between job and happiness.


I hope that reading this article has given you some insights and has been helpful. I would appreciate if you give me your feedback on the article.


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    • profile image

      Prashant Deshmukh 6 years ago

      Article is true to the fact. Catching thread of those mentioned lines, I would say - Employee satisfaction is utmost important for any Company/Organization. In fact, it is the major factor who decides companies Success/Failure.