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Jobs Hiring- Product Demonstrators .

Updated on April 5, 2014

About Product Demonstrators

Vendors supply products to companies and sell the products to customers. Vendors frequently outsource with marketing businesses to increase sales growth. Marketing businesses hire product demonstrators to promote and sell products to customers to increase sales growth for the vendors.

Chain of command:

  1. Companies that buy and own products.
  2. Vendors supply products for the companies and sell to customers.
  3. Marketing businesses market and increase sales growth.
  4. Product Demonstrators promote and sell products to customers to increase sales growth for vendors.

Product Demonstrator Job Description

Product Demonstrators are also referred to as Event Specialist. Job duties vary depending on the vendor, the product and area. Demonstrators promote food products and non food products. Supervisors schedule the dates demonstrators are needed to work an event. A demonstrator may be scheduled to work an event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each event scheduled is for a different vendor, so each working day demonstrators promote different products. A Friday event may be to promote cereal, a Saturday event to promote pizza, a Sunday event promoting a beauty product. Some events promote popular name brand products that sell with ease. Events are scheduled to promote new products or products unfamiliar to customers.

The demonstrators job is to educate and gain the interest of customers about the key benefits of products. Nutritional content, dollar value, easy preparation and recipe suggestions are a few examples of key benefits used to promote food products. A demonstrators typical event duties include setting up the demo cart using a kit with instructions provided by the vendor. A demo cart will usually display signage of the product with brochures and coupons to be handed out to customers. Demo carts are often merchandised with product, and samples of product are available for customers to try. When promoting food product strict guidelines must be followed for safe food handling. Employers provide training and educational tools about food safety.

Food product events are typically at grocery stores such as Walmart and Sam's club. Companies hire product demonstrators to demo products at many different retail stores including pet supplies, electronics, gardening, clothing and toy stores.

Job Requirements For Product Demonstrators

Information I obtained through my personal employment experiences working as an Event Specialist and in retail sales periodically for nine years. Most companies require a H.S diploma or G.E.D. Customer service and food handling experience is helpful but not usually a requirement.. basic PC skills. Able to stand for six hours and minimal lifting up to 30 lbs. Ability to aquire product knowledge and retain information. Ability to promote and sell products in a professional manner requires effective communication skills. Excellent hygiene practices and proper attire extremely important. Most companies will check criminal background and do a drug screen. On average, demonstrators make around $11 per hour. 54 percent of all demonstrators work part time. You’ll receive on-the-job training and certain reputable companies provide and require in depth online training and testing before scheduling events .Demonstrator jobs are plentiful.

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