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Choosing A Full Time Or Part Time Job To Suit Your Lifestyle

Updated on September 9, 2014

Part-Time vs. Full-Time Employment

For the last few years while I've been employed in full-time work, I've been thinking to myself more and more as I've noticed my free time disappear and my life pass me by: "Is full time employment really worth it?". The work-life balance seems to disappear with every day, and so too does the person I used to be: a child having fun, someone spending time relaxing at home, spending time with family, going out and enjoying the outdoors, travelling, meeting new people, etc.

So at the end of the day, is it worthwhile to only work as a part-time employee a few days per week and earn less money, take longer to pay off a mortgage, possibly have less job security, and have more free time? Or is it better to work full-time in our earlier years, so we can enjoy the luxuries of life and the outdoors in our older years?

The benefits of casual employment are being able to work a few hours per week, but also be ready to accept the phone call when asked to come into work. Full-time work, however, allows for greater job security, yet also means that the amount of free time is cut down drastically - leaving only an hour or two in the morning before work and 4 hours as spare time at home every evening (excluding the need to sleep).

So which side of the fence is the right side to achieve the greatest success and work-life balance?

Which are you best suited to...

Do you prefer full-time or part-time work?

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