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Work Online: The Best And Legit Jobs That Really Pay

Updated on December 11, 2015

In this modern era, people can now find jobs on the internet. Yes it is very possible to find jobs online and being paid. Though some earn cents on these jobs but others earn double income compare to their old jobs. Whether you want to work online as a part-timer or a full-timer, you need to know what the jobs are online that is worth your time and will pay you.

As for me, I started working online three years ago through churpchurp and 8share. I share ads on my social media accounts and earn when my friends click these ads. If you are asking if it’s legit, then it’s a big YES! Churpchurp and 8share is not only popular in my country (Philippines) but also in selected countries in Asia. Though you should follow the code of sharing ads or you will get banned from the site. I earn cents and had cashout for five times since the first time I joined.

I also started writing articles two years ago through blogger and hubpages. I considered this job as one of the most legit jobs I have online since you’ll gonna put an effort on writing your articles, you need to research and gain readers so you can earn from it. Since I am still a college student and studying I often post articles on my sites. But still I earn (cents) from the articles I posted even if I haven’t updated my account.

But if you consider working online as full-time then you must know the jobs that are legit and will pay you.


1. Write from home and get paid. Become a paid online writer.

Are you wondering on how can you earn from your articles? The best way to earn money online is to become a paid writer. If you enjoy writing articles, stories then you can apply for this job. You can choose from the two: become a freelance writer or run your own website.

Some people started in blogger then monetize their blogs to earn from it. But it takes 6 months to 1 year before google accept your application. Another thing is that you can write for other websites and you can earn from the visits you have every day. Though as a starter, some earn cents and it takes three to six months before you can made you first cashout.

And the best way to earn from your articles is to run your own website. Putting up your own website needs money! But you are the owner! It’s your rules, regulations and earn from your articles! All you need to do is write good quality articles! Make sure people will visit your website.

2. Online Translator

If you know more than three languages, then you can apply for this job. In this field, you must accurately convey the meaning of the written words from one language to another. This only means that you must be fluent in any language. Your goal in this work to have people read the translation as if it were original.

Translators predominantly work with business, technical, legal and scientific written materials including letters, reports, articles, books etc. Their work incorporates:

  • prepares summaries
  • reads documents
  • writes and edits copies
  • consults clients
  • develops contacts and uses translation computer programmes


3. Online resellers

From the word itself re-seller, all you have to do is to set up online shop and apply as reseller for any products that you want to sell online. I have classmates who are working as online reseller and yes it’s worth their time posting stuffs on their shops as at the end of the month they are able to earn from it. There are many products that you can resell online e.g. clothes, foods, beauty products and health products.

A reseller plays an important service role on behalf of a company. A company with a reseller program develops or acquires product solutions and sells them through independent resale outlets. Resellers are paid a commission or fee per product sale. The support rep acquires new re-sellers and manages relationships.


4. Researchers

Every phenomenon that we had experience and will experience has a reason behind it, that is why research is born to help us understand and evaluate what is happening.

If you consider yourself as a scientist who devotes yourself to research then you can apply for this job. In the field of mass communication, researchers are in need. Even in documentary programs, researchers are present as they are the one who gather informations about the topic that the program wants to tackle. In the government, researchers are also present which means that researchers are everywhere.

Writers of novels, books, teleseryes, movies and dramas involves a lot of gathering informations that is why researchers are needed to help them gather and synthesize materials. A lot of schools are offering research course which focuses on research writing, research methods and teach students on how to collect relevant informations on their topics of research.

5. Online tutor

Online tutors give individual or gathering direction in a virtual learning environment (VLE). VLEs normally give the mentor the capacity to speak with understudies verbally and outwardly, use a whiteboard, manage tests, post homework assignments, and offer assets, for example, course material or address notes, in a safe and controlled design.

Generally, online tutors must be specialists on the subjects they instruct. They regularly acquire this skill through formal training and advanced education programs. Moreover, a few head honchos incline toward coaches with capabilities that are particular to their subject. Case in point, a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) testament may be important for coaches instructing English to non-local understudies. A few positions additionally oblige a state-issued showing accreditation and in addition classroom teaching.

6. Web Developer Jobs

A web designer creates and makes sites and related applications. They work in a mixed bag of commercial ventures and regularly as self employed entities. Training prerequisites can shift, yet web originators can get passage level work with a partner's degree; four year certifications give understudies an extended and propelled expertise set that can prompt better occupation prospects or professional success.

They make the look, design and elements of a site. The employment includes understanding both visual computerization and PC programming. When a site is made, a planner assists with support and increments to the site.

The term web designer is once in a while used reciprocally with web planner, yet this can be befuddling. Web designing is a more pro part, concentrating on the back-end advancement of a site and will consolidate, in addition to other things, the production of exceptionally complex pursuit capacities.

7. Admin Support Jobs

Admin support jobs are totally essential in a numerous organizations, giving profitable help all through the association. A major reward is that numerous organization employments don't oblige a degree to break into. Stunningly better, numerous senior administrator parts pay exceptionally well, so the prizes arrive in the event that you buckle down.

The occupation includes a great deal of structure as you have various set assignments to work through regularly. It's exceptionally fulfilling working through the standard rundown of 'to dos' and finishing these on time, prepared for the rundown to begin once more.

You additionally get the opportunity to work specifically with an extensive variety of people at all levels - normal staff, administration and chiefs, outside customers and suppliers - so this can make the employment changed and fascinating.

8. Data entry jobs

Nowadays, companies in the Philippines and even outside the country are looking for people who can help them go digital by typing paper documents into computer. That’s correct! All you have to do is to type the document that was sent to you and that’s it. What you need? Well, a computer/laptop, accuracy and speed in typing. I still remember a friend who had applied for this job. He can type 50 words per minute without errors. Though he earned a decent amount from this job but at the end he resigned to focus on study.

Some people considered data entry job as the easiest job that they can apply and do online. But you should be careful about scams related to this job.


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    • JvicIndia profile image


      2 years ago from India

      Nice article

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 

      3 years ago from India

      I prefer online work instead of work place. I have the freedom to work when I want ;)

      Voted up!!


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