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Work a Desk Job? Here's How to Stay Healthy

Updated on July 14, 2017

Is it easy to stay healthy working a desk job?

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You enter your office on Monday morning, lunch in hand, and ready to start your 40 hour work week.

After greeting fellow colleagues you take a seat in that lovely office chair that doesn't recline or keep you comfortable at all for that matter. You sit in this chair day in and day out, not realizing the toll it is taking on your body.

In the back of your mind you feel that there is no need to request a different chair or another position where you don't sit all day. "This is the way it is suppose to be", you think. Well, that thought is certainly not true.

According to Fox News, "86 percent of Americans work at jobs that require them to sit at desks and stare at computers for most of the day".

There are many health risks associated with sitting for 7 or more hours of the day. It has posed so many health risks that today it is compared to smoking.

Some of these health risks include, organ damage, heart disease, obesity, foggy brain, spinal problems, poor blood circulation, and the list continues on.

You may be wondering if you are at risk for these health problems since you sit at a desk all day, no need to worry.

If you fit the description as a desk sitter for 7 or more hours a day, you may be at risk and there are ways to prevent these health issues.

Here are 10 ways to stay healthy while having a desk job.

1. Yoga

One of the health hazards of sitting all day is achy body parts and a decrease in blood circulation. Yoga is known to stretch the muscles of the body, while creating room for flexibility and strength.

Practicing yoga for at least a few times per week, increases blood circulation and allows for stronger bones and muscles.

Yoga also helps with stress and relieves tense and achy parts of the body. You do not need a fancy yoga membership subscription or a gym membership to practice yoga.

All you need is a mat and access to the internet or books where you can browse which practice is best for you. There are thousand of great videos you can watch on YouTube. Or, develop your own yoga poses for a fun and intimate practice at home.

2. Healthy Eating

Another health issue associated with sitting at a desk all day is obesity. Eating healthy meals throughout the day can certainly decrease the likelihood of becoming obese.

Planning your meals throughout the week can eliminate any need to engage in unhealthy snacks and fast food runs.

Before the start of the work week, set aside time to shop for healthy snacks and meals that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Shop for more vegetables than meat to save money and to minimize your intake of unhealthy fats.

Make sure to plan your meals for each day by preparing the day you shop and bringing your lunch to work everyday.

By eating more healthy, you will minimize the chances of obesity while also saving money in the long run.

3. Get Moving

If you have time during breaks or lunchtimes, make sure you squeeze in some sort or physical activity. Whether it is walking to the cafeteria instead of taking the elevators, or standing up instead of sitting, try to squeeze in some sort of movement throughout the day.

It will prevent most muscle aches and pains and you will also be increasing blood flow throughout the body.

By walking or moving throughout the day you can also burn more calories and prevent any onsets of obesity.

4. Mind Your Position

How is your posture throughout the day? Do you find that you are more slumped over toward the end of the day or more so all day?

Because of this, you may be at risk for potential spinal issues later on that can jeopardize your health. When you sit in a slouchy position, your spine is not in the best position to support your weight while sitting for so many hours.

Try to sit in an upright position with your shoulders back, hands on your work desk, feet flat on the floor, and head looking straight ahead.

If you have trouble find a good upright posture, practice with a chair in the mirror at home to see if you are doing it correctly.

Good posture is the key to eliminating any back or spinal issues in the future.

5. Hydrate

Have you had your coffee today? Hopefully not without hydrating yourself first. Water is in coffee you say? Well not very much.

Drinking more water is the solution to maintain your energy levels and keep you going throughout the day.

Caffeine is great when you need a boost for several hours of your long day, but it will not last and can dehydrate you if you are having several cups a day.

Fill up a reusable bottle of water before heading out for work and drink it throughout the morning.

It is best to drink water throughout the day, but if you must have your 8 oz. cup of brown goodness, after drinking water in the morning is the best time.

6. Avoid Temptation

Ever went to an office party to find all types of desserts and bottles of soda to gulp down? "Everyone is doing it", you think. So, you feel it's okay to fit in just this time. Forget about the other 10 times before.

There is no perfect time to indulge in sweets and junk food, just as long as you are not overdoing it.

It can be easy to overdo it when you have 50 other colleagues eating junk food and sweets, especially when they are encouraging you to do the same.

Try to refrain from eating at every office event. Try socializing more and eating a big healthy meal beforehand, so you won't be tempted to reach for unhealthy options.

Be firm, and tell your colleagues about your decision to not eat at this event. When you choose healthy eating over temptation, you avoid health issues associated with obesity.



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