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Work and Personal Life

Updated on September 5, 2015

Let me first ask a question. What is the most important thing in your life? Is it your work? or is it your friends? or is it your family? Any of you need more time to think and answer it. No every one has the same answer My family is the most important thing in my life. Every thing that I do is for my family or making my family happier or to protect my family. Right?

Can anyone think about only family without work or friends? No. that is also very difficult. What we are thinking that family is most important thing in everyone's life. It is right only but not family is only is important we should need a combination of many things including work, friends, some other happiness also. How many hours or days some one can only spend with his or her family. Though if we are giving most importance to family after some time you will feel that it is boring. Right?

Here I am giving some important techniques to lead your family life and your work in a best way.

Any persons having good education and personal skill can reach on the top of any company. You might have seen many of such persons or You might be such person. But do you think that all such persons leading good family life also? Not most of the times. Please keep some of the points that you can keep in your minds which will help you in developing your work and family life.


It is one of the most important thing in your life both in family and work perspective. This word is always related with time. It include all the activities you are doing, starting from your wake up time till you get up in the next day. I am not giving any example to think but you think about your two days. one which you wake up on time and other you wake up very late. (Here you have to understand one thing - whatever you may read it will not make any change in your life unless you understand it and you are not relating to your life). So please take time and think about it. What is the difference between both days? If you really think you will understand one thing that the days you wake up on time whatever you do on that day it will result in success and if you are waking up late whatever you may do it will result in failure. Punctuality doesn't only mean that you are reaching office on time but it also include you leave office on time. It is also much important that you should leave office on time. You might have noticed that many persons works more hours. Do you think that they are very much interested for doing work. No. they are not if they are working more hours it means they are not taking care of their families. If you are promising some one please try to do it on time. If you are not able to finish it on time please inform them before the time is over. (will discuss more about punctuality in another chapter)

Good Relations

Keeping good relations with every one is a best character. Here also I am not giving any examples. You think about some of your friends or colleges. You will have many friends still they are telling about your first meeting. Some of the words you used your first meeting with them will not forget many of your friends or some of the words your friends used you will never forget. It is a good technique to build a good relation with some one if you just tell his name before he introduce himself and if it is possible one or two word about him. Then he will never forget you in your life. It will help you to build a good relation with all people. Give a pleasant smile and wish every one you see and try to analyse the situation and changes after and prior to your wishes. Keeping the same kind of relationship with your boss, colleges and your subordinates.

Think before you Talk

This is another important thing in every one's life. You think about some of your friends or relatives because of using some words without thinking making some relations worst. You really think about the same situation again. (as I said earlier unless you are not able to relate with your real life and think about it whatever you read is not effective. Take 2-3 minutes and think and analyse the situation) If you or he or she was talking with a little more careful we wouldn't have lost that relationship. Right? If you are really connecting this with your life you will understand the importance of the Thinking before you Talk.

Family, Friends and Work all are important thing in our life. We should maintain a good relation with everyone. Always face everyone with a special smile. Don't show any partiality with anyone. Always keep your promises and think before you talk. and maintain a good relations with every one.


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