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Work From Home, Online Job & From Anywhere in the World with Hubpages & Google AdSense

Updated on May 24, 2015
compu-smart profile image

Compu-smart has a wide range of knowledge and wisdom and loves to write about the subjects he feels passionate about.

How to make money online is one of the most popular questions asked on the Internet today. I should know because I was one of the millions of people asking this. After 6 months of researching, testing and signing up to numerous websites which most was a complete waste time. I eventually found it really was possible to make money very easily on line. It can be done free with no buying and no selling here at Hubpages Along with Google AdSense, they go together like strawberries and cream and requires no fees what-so-ever!.


I used to read articles like this all the time that claimed you could earn a passive income of hundreds and thousands of dollars every month and thinking they were all scams, some were, but this is 100% real. I check my accounts earnings everyday to see how much I have earned and that's for the work I have already done, which is to write 42 hubs so far! and if I can do it so can you. For some people here writing is their hobby and to be paid for it is priceless.

We ALL have something to share, no matter what topic right!? Share your knowledge, information, passion, tips, reviews about whatever you like! People will read your articles (Hubs) and you will make money, and once you have published your first hub you will officially become an online author, publisher and Hubber!

What Is a Hub? A Hub is an article written here at Hubpages like the one you're reading now. You can do it yourself very easily, even with no technical skills. Behind the scenes Hubpages technicians use state of the art technology to ensure that Google, Yahoo and all other topic search engines find their writers. How did you get here?

How to Hub - A HubPages Guide for Noobs

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People use Google Adsense on many different websites similar to Hubpages, but Hubpages performs much better and always comes out on top. Hubpages is more user friendly and performs better when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Hubpages will make life easier for you. Why? Because they do all the work to drive traffic to your hub once you have written them which all equals to earnings! Hubpages In The Top 100 Websites.

Adsense is an advertising program run by Google. If you have a website, blog or write articles online such as here at Hubpages, then you can enroll in this program and start making cash. The ads that appear on your pages are administered by Google and generate revenue for you when people click on them. Google Adsense gives anyone anywhere in the world an opportunity to make good money online and here at hubpages, ongoing royalties -- forever! Hubpages will deal with all the Adsense ad locations for you so no need to worry about that. All you need to do is sign up to 3 companies, All highly reputable and respected companies. 1, hubpages, 2, Google Adsense and the Paypal.

Be Your Own Boss.

Work anywhere in the world and even whenever you want and let the world read what you have to say and get paid a check every month! So, if you can write an article like this one, or about any topic you like, then Sign up to Hubpages and AdSense and start generating a good income. Secure your future today. Remember, with on-going royalties! Earn money while you sleep!. You can write at your friend's house! Or even at work, (just don't tell the boss!) Or, in an Internet cafe, on holiday, on a boat in the middle of the ocean – provided you have a PC and an Internet access! or, even in bed! The possibilities are endless.

Do you Blog? if so, your probably trying to make lots of revenue from 'Google AdSense from your blogs

Blogging alone is very hard to generating revenue compared to Hubpages . Why? Because at your blog, you have to create the ads yourself and place them on your pages, In addition, no matter how good, useful or professional your content is, it's just another web page among the millions of others competing for a place on the first page or second of the search engines. Hubpages is well known for this as they do most of the leg work for you. Hubpages has made into the top 100 websites in the world!

Many people here at hubpages are making a very good and passive income each month with Hubpages, others are making thousands of dollars. At present, I'm not complaining and I only have 42 hubs {See my stat$ in image below}. The best way to find out how much you will earn is to sign up and start writing today.

I just added this image.. My Hubpages earnings statistics. I still get a payment every month for the 42 hubs I wrote. :)

Payment  will be sent on the 21st of each month provided  you've reached  $50:00. If you have only earned say $47:00, then this money will be carried forward towards your next payment. In some countries like India, a single dollar can go a long way!
Payment will be sent on the 21st of each month provided you've reached $50:00. If you have only earned say $47:00, then this money will be carried forward towards your next payment. In some countries like India, a single dollar can go a long way!

How Do I Make Money? No one gives you any money for writing articles. What happens is, once You start hubbing, (writing and publishing articles) your hubs will get picked up by the search engines and you earn money when people arrive at your hub and click on the advertisements. The ads are placed automatically by Hubpages. You have access to many Hubpages tools. The statistics below details my hubs' traffic sources. My other hubs get much more traffic and others not so much. In (May 2009) I reached one million page views! resulting in massive more traffic! Virtual medals are awarded for any milestones that a Hub or Hubber has achieved.

How Do I Get Paid?

Hubpages ad program pays you each month. All earnings are in dollars which is converted to your local currency and paid into your PayPal account. You will earn 60% of all total impressions and Hubpages receives the additional well-deserved 40%. You can also add Ebay and Amazon products of your choice on your pages and when people buy these products you get 100% of the commission.

Write a Hub Today. Your Articles do not need to be approved. You write, you publish. You can even re-edit your hubs long after they have been published! Remember, just like artists and musicians, you will receive ongoing royalties forever for your work! You can place text, photos and videos; videos can be uploaded directly to hubpages or add them to your hubs from BlipTV , Google , Metacafe , Revver , Vimeo , Yahoo and YouTube. Hubpages make it very easy to add them as well as links, polls, news and rss feeds. If you already have a blog or website, you can add your own "Hubpages widget," which will show your best, hottest and latest hubs. You can save and edit as you please and publish whenever you're ready. You don't have to write a book; for example, this article has a word count of 3045 words and another hub has only 163. You can always ask friends and relatives to give their input.

Before I started at Hubpages in 2007, the bills were never paid, there was never food in the house, and my gold was always in the pawn shop. Not any more. It's very nice to know I will now receive a payment every month! Once I signed up to hubpages and started writing, It me 6 months before I received my first cheque and I have received a cheque every month. {my stat$ below}. See Other Hubbers Earnings here.

Once you have created a hub, you will have access to statistics which details this hubs traffic sources which is rising!

Three Simple Steps To Get Started:

1: Create a Hubpage account (which takes seconds) to and let Hubpages guide you through the process. Note: Think of a good profile name because you can never change it!

2: sign up to PayPal account if you don't have a Paypal account! (opens new window). Now add this at your hubpage Earnings page/ Payments settings so hubpages can pay you. (See image below).

If You Already Have An AdSense Account and publisher ID, skip step 3. Now add your number {it begins with ca-pub}. You will need to be signed into hubpages to do this. Now go to your My Account page. Click On the Earnings tab and insert your AdSense publisher ID number in the External Affiliate Settings. For details of what mine look, see image below. This ID is very useful and can be used on numerous other money-making websites.

3: Sign up To Google AdSense, (opens new window), This will get you your "Publisher's ID number" When you fill in the AdSense form, it will ask you for your website URL (web address.) Go to your new Hubpages profile page and add that URL (Web Address). Once you have been accepted, you will see your publishers ID number at the top right corner of your AdSense Account Page. Note It will take a couple of days or up-to two weeks to be accepted into the AdSense program and receive your Publisher ID number.

This image is my affiliate account settings where the affiliate codes are placed. Get your codes in asap!

  • This is my hub. What's yours going to be about?

Fans & fan mail received..which you'll soon have.

© 2007 compu-smart


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