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The Best Way to Get Rich says Work at Home Grandma

Updated on September 14, 2014

The Good Measure

What I learned in school

Give it a little elbow grease. I first heard that wise old saying from my Home Economics teacher while in 7th grade.

Before I explain exactly why the “elbow grease” colloquial fits into my story, I must first tell you a little about my teacher. She was teacher that taught by example and by experience. I can recall one day the assignment was to find out how many liquid tablespoons were in a cup. She gave all a measuring cup and a tablespoon. As each of us wrote down an answer, we were informed that none of us were correct.

She laughed as if she knew that is precisely what would happen. It turned out that each tablespoon had to be completely round to fill the cup with exactly 16 of them. Yes - 16 tablespoons = 1 cup. It is a measurement I have never forgotten because it was learned by experience. As I became an adult I found the same to be true. Whatever I had precisely experienced stuck in my mind as something I would never forget.

Don't Shoulder it All

It takes hard work and good decisions

I am a pretty trusting individual and consider myself a hard worker. In addition to being a hard worker, I learned to live by the phrase: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You don’t have to hit me over the head more than once for me to learn from the goose egg that follows. I learned pretty early in life that you can’t hold up a rotting shack on your shoulders for very long.

I have been writing since 1992 and love it. When I retired from my full time job, I knew it was the right decision as the direction the company was taking spelled trouble. They had been in business for over 100 years and were very stable, but new methods and new people along with a few bad decisions were shaking my confidence.

Take a moment to think back on companies you’ve watched fall apart or change so drastically they lose their customer base. It happens in all industries whether it is manufacturing, food, insurance or direct marketing.

I have run the gamut of direct marketing companies. I’ve joined some that are still in business, and I’ve joined some that are no longer around. At first there is the hype and dream of success that spurs one on to continue the path. Sometimes the path becomes filled with weeds and debris so much that we can no longer travel it comfortably so we leave for greener pastures.

Sadly, sometimes the path takes such an abrupt turn that our gut tells us something is terribly wrong. It is then that I say listen to your gut and make your decision wisely.

Don't Climb the Mountain without a Safety Net

A Sign of Trouble

The first sign that a company is in trouble is constant abrupt changes that lead to chaos and confusion. This usually follows with every conceivable money making method a good marketer can devise. The plan is to do one of two things: pull the company out of bankruptcy or get all the money possible before it goes into bankruptcy. Let me give you a few examples.

Company A: A retail organization

This company’s stock is declining; their business is losing money daily. Even though that have been in business close to 100 years, their name no longer is consistent with quality. They begin to revamp their style. They run so many sales that one overlaps another. The discounts abound and merchandise files off the shelf with little or no profit. This goes on for some time before a change takes place. The company finds the internet a way to increase their sales and reach more customers. They capture emails of all their customers and begin an internet marketing campaign. It pulls them out of the loss margin and slowly they become profitable again. They begin to open new stores which in turn profit because their name has now become synonymous with quality. I know the store I am thinking about and perhaps you have a store in mind. It matters not but only that you see the scenario.

Company B: A fast food chain

In today’s world most of us find it expedient to eat at a fast food restaurant or take out at some point in our daily routine. Even MacDonald’s and Wendy’s have healthy choices and that’s okay. Some of the fast food restaurants, however, have chosen not to make this change or made the change too late to save their business. The health-conscious population now expects all restaurants; even take out, to have some healthy options.

I have watched many of my old favorites slowly dwindle in number until suddenly they are gone. In Minneapolis right now you can’t find a Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are some in a few areas outside the cities but who knows how long they will be around. I first noticed a difference when the recipe itself changed to accommodate people worried about Trans-fat (a legit worry). Then they did away with the corn. The beloved sweet corn that I loved. Then the biscuits were crusty and hard (no Trans-fats) and just no fun to eat anymore. I hated that. Honey was omitted from the orders unless requested and the chicken was often over cooked and dry. In later years they did add some healthy choices, but it was too late. Sadly it was the end of an era - good old greasy, fattening Kentucky Fried Chicken no longer existed.

Company C: Internet marketing – Making money online

This is a real gray area. There are hundreds of companies and hundreds of gurus to teach you everything you need to know about making money online. But buyer beware – never invest money, enroll in or sign up for anything on the internet promising you will make a lot of easy, fast money. It just doesn’t happen. Check out every opportunity very carefully. Google has a vast arena of information about any company you are interested in joining.

If you are asked to put up money to join “the team”, be very careful. There is one company I know that is going through a massive change in an attempt to garner as many funds as possible before they swirl down the drain into the sewer. Their own top people are currently recruiting new prospects for a completely new endeavor using their prior mailing list. Don’t be fooled. Those people at the top of the success pool are there because they have lists of thousands of people and have gotten rich several times in internet marketing or MLM types of businesses.

There is no quick fix for becoming rich. If they are prosperous it is because they have been in the business for years. It takes time and very hard work to become wealthy. It’s not going to happen overnight unless you are scamming someone out of their hard earned money or unless you win the lottery or Publishers Clearing House. And that’s only a temporary fix.

That brings me to another topic - PCH. Wow, this one is a biggie. I was receiving upwards of ten emails per day from them at one point wanting me to enter their sweepstakes. The few times I attempted to enter brought me items coming to my mailbox I didn’t even want. When complaining about being billed for these items, my sweepstakes entries suddenly stopped coming. It was as if I had the black plague or something. Of course, there are still the numerous magazines I receive that I didn’t order, most of which I throw in the recycle bin. I’m sure many of you would enjoy a good read, but getting five to seven per week it’s difficult to keep up.

I think the internet is a wonderful place, don’t get me wrong. I love shopping online as it is convenient and often money saving. The only drawback is between November and January my mailbox is stuffed full of every conceivable vendor known to man. (At least it feels that way) I’m thankful for a huge recycle bucket.

Elbow Grease Always Works

What is the Answer on Making it Big?

Getting Rich or Not

Well now that I’ve covered how not to get rich, we need to focus on what to do to get rich. There are a few great books on the subject, some of them current and some of them outdated, but the basic principle will always ring true on all of them ---- a little elbow grease goes a long way.

If you want to build your business, become monetarily comfortable, or even become rich, there is one underlying truth of which I can’t say enough about. Work hard my friend, and at the end of the day --- work even harder. It’s what America is all about.

There’s no free lunch out there. There’s no internet scam that will make you rich. If you find a company that encourages you to make money by asking people to spend their savings to “get in big”, run away as fast as you can. I’ve been there; I’ve been close to fire, but walked away before getting burnt. I could not in good conscience ask people to spend their hard earned money or charge on their credit card to join an organization with the promise of wealth. The majority of people who do this fail miserably. You can find many reputable people that will teach you online marketing without putting you in debt or using your savings. Many marketers give free seminars. Of course they try to sell you their program. That’s okay because everyone needs to survive. If they’re good at what they do, you’ll benefit enough from the free material to make a wise decision on the direction you need to take. Don’t be swayed by hype.

Use a little elbow grease. It goes a long way to making your life a success.


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    • Sandra Eastman profile imageAUTHOR

      Sandra Joy Eastman 

      4 years ago from Robbinsdale MN

      Thanks for reading. You are correct

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 

      4 years ago from Singapore

      All boils down to hard work, Sandra, wherever we do it, indeed!

    • Sandra Eastman profile imageAUTHOR

      Sandra Joy Eastman 

      4 years ago from Robbinsdale MN

      And you earn it well. Your hubs are divine. Thank you.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great advice! I may never become rich, but I feel good knowing that what I get I've earned.


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