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Ever Go On a Snipe Hunt asks Work at Home Grandma

Updated on September 14, 2014

Beautiful place for a Snipe

Have any of you ever been on a snipe hunt?

Perhaps a lot of you are shaking your heads and laughing but don’t spoil all the fun for those in the dark (no pun intended). I never had so much fun when I was about fifteen years old and our church youth group went to Como Park for a picnic. As the sun was bidding us farewell, someone suggested a snipe hunt.

Our mentors (those who had reached the wise age of seniors in high school) explained about the small furry gray animal that moved like lightening and always hid under bushes. Snipe were extremely difficult to catch, they boasted to us, but they were so much fun to hunt.

Of course, we all were in favor of the game and we split up in teams. The elders of the group made sure they were divided up to share the leadership one on each of the teams. After all, only those experienced hunters would be able to spot the snipe and point it out to us amateur hunters.

The game began at 7:00 p.m. and by 8:30 it was almost dark and we still hadn’t caught even one snipe. The little buggers had evaded capture not once but at least five times during our hunting expedition. We’d always hear the other team screaming at the top of their lungs, “get him, get him” but not one of us seemed to have any luck at all. In fact, only the elders in the group seem to be spotting them and every time it happened the tiny creature would scurry away before any of us could even see it.

At the end of the two hours we were all fried and our older peers suddenly began laughing hysterically and clued us all in --- we had been duped. Overcome in their amusement, they informed us that there was no such thing as a snipe but it was only a creature spawned by ingenious imagination. We had wasted two hours searching for something that did not exist.

How many times in your life have you listened to the prompts of others cheering you on to make a decision that will change your life that will definitely make a difference for the positive. How many of us have been duped by get rich schemes or overly enthusiastic business partners and made hasty, uninformed and critically wrong decisions based simply on hype and a feel-good moment?

Recently, I had an experience that reminded me of my snipe hunt all those years ago. I know I’ve been there. Have you? So how do we separate the real things from the little fury snipe? It is an answer for the ages. It’s that tiny gut feeling in the center of your stomach that works for me. Sometimes I begin to hunt the snipe thinking for a moment it might be the real thing, but then my gut screams loud and clear to take a step back. It says, “Are you going to jump over that cliff into oblivion all because hoards of people are screaming and clapping, telling you it is the right thing to do?”

Think about it, my friend, before you jump on a bandwagon that isn’t going anywhere except a crash landing.


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    • Sandra Eastman profile imageAUTHOR

      Sandra Joy Eastman 

      4 years ago from Robbinsdale MN


      It amazes me just how many :-)

    • Pawpawwrites profile image


      4 years ago from Kansas

      You gotta love a good snipe hunt.

    • Sandra Eastman profile imageAUTHOR

      Sandra Joy Eastman 

      4 years ago from Robbinsdale MN

      It was a real favorite here on Minnesota. Thanks for the read

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      I had to read this post as this was something people did in Virginia. It was a good icebreaker at the church youth camp. I love how you told your story!


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