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Work at Home Jobs for all

Updated on July 28, 2008

Online Job Opportunities


Last couple of years, I have been looking for a legitimate home based job and during my hunt for one, came across lot of job opportunities, job offerings, scams and so on. I also came across friends looking for similar work. This is an attempt to help all those who would like to take up a home based job.

Who don't want to earn a little? And how about working from home and choosing the timings and work that you like....

Well, the great news is that thanks to the Internet, you can. Internet has really revolutionized the way that people work. Internet has opened a huge world of possibilities. There are hundreds of people who earn their living online, working at home, and having full control over their work and their income.

Today, there is no reason why you should be chained to a desk in some stuffy office, or be forced to commute hours every day. Better still, there is no reason why your income should be limited to what the employer is willing to pay you.

My aim is to show you some of the many genuine opportunities which you can use to advantage. And you don't have to spend a fortune to get started.

Here are some work-at-home recommendations:

  1. Online Tutoring

The EPO boom has created a demand for skilled online tutors. Lot of opportunities exist from US and UK based firms who outsource tuitions. Working from home as a teacher or online tutor will require certain skills or previous experience.

  1. Editing

Editing online includes editing/rewriting application essays, recommendation letters, research papers, etc. Experienced editors can become proofreaders.

  1. Blogging

A number of businesses are hiring people to write blogs, otherwise known as Web logs, or frequently updated online journals. Companies are looking for candidates who can write in a conversational style about timely topics that would appeal to customers, clients and potential recruits. Basically it takes a whole lot of hard work, knowledge and passion about the topic you're blogging about.

  1. Writing Content on the internet

Online businesses need sales copy, creative writing, press releases, copy writing, newsletters, e- book, articles, reviews, resumes, speeches, proposals, blog content, user guides & manuals and much more in order to attract website visitors, attract sales, and grow their revenue. Online writing is a stress-free business that you can do full or part-time - earning as much as you want or as little as you need.

  1. Medical and Legal Transcription

Some employers hire home based medical transcriptionists. Description of the requirements varies for each company. These jobs require specific skills or experience. A strong grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary is also essential.

  1. Web Design and Development

Web designing, web hosting, e-commerce, search engine optimisation, programming, animation are some of the areas where home based jobs are available. This job type involves fixed fee projects as well as hourly jobs.

  1. Design and Multimedia

Jobs are available in designing 3D graphics, business cards, letterhead, presentations, logos, page and book layout, banner ads, brochures, photography, illustration, etc.

  1. Accounting and Finance

Opportunities exist in the areas of accounting systems, financial planning, bookkeeping, invoicing and billing, tax planning, budgeting and forecasting, auditing, payroll, and much more.

  1. Legal

Home based projects are available in dispute resolution, paralegal, research, contracts, incorporation, patents, copyright, trademarks, wills, etc.

  1. Administrative Support

Data entry, word processing, order processing, web research, personal assistant, mailing list development, event planning, etc are the works available. There is lot of competition for these kinds of jobs, especially data entry.

  1. Translation jobs

Job involves translating matter/speech content to all languages.

  1. Simple copy paste jobs

Simple copy paste works are available that can be done from home in your free time. No deposit or investment of any kind is required. No special skills are required for this work but they look for a disciplined person who can work everyday.

Some Freelance Work Sites :

Freelance - International Freelance Network


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