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Work at Home Medical Coding Tips

Updated on November 18, 2010

Tips for Working at Home or Office

Medical coding plays a vital role in the health care industry. Medical coding is assigning codes to procedures, diseases, and injuries which help insurance companies know how much to reimburse for services. The numbers describe the diagnoses and the procedures performed on the patient. Medical coding was developed to distinguish and identify different reasons for getting health care. Medical coding is applied to both administrative and clinical procedures.

Purchase Quality Equipment

Choosing the right equipment is important for a medical coder and a decision that should not be taken lightly. Pick a quality chair that has good back support. A quality chair may be pricey, but it will reduce the chance of developing chronic pain while working. Purchase a keyboard designed to decrease the chance of muscle strains and other medical problems. The Environmental Health and Safety program from NC State University explains to choose furniture designed to improve performance and decrease injuries by adjusting the work equipment to the body's size. Purchasing quality equipment while performing medical coding will be worth it in the long run.

Required Skills

Medical coders should be detailed and work well with numbers. Administrative skills are necessary such as processing and reviewing claims. Medical coders contact insurance companies and medical providers for additional information on a claim. Computer skills and data entry are necessary in medical coding. Coders are required to have knowledge in software programs because. Medical coders need good listening, math, and reading skills. Medical coders need good vision to view their computer screen close-up. Educational requirements include a high school diploma and completing an accredited medical coding program. Medical coders know the anatomy and physiology of the human body, as well as diseases.

Medical Terminology

The standard words and phrases used in identifying medical diagnoses and procedures are known as medical terminology. Medical terminology is based on roots in Greek and Latin languages and is used in medical coding. Because medical professionals use medical terminology in patient charts and dictation, it is important to learn and understand the terms and roots of the words.

A Silent Work Environment

Working in a silent environment is necessary to ensure that your work is accurate and precise. A noisy environment can interfere with the power to create excellent work. If you work in an office where noise is a problem, tell a supervisor. If you have a home office, make it free from distractions. Do not have things in your office that will distract you. Concentration is a must if you are working at home or in an office.


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