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Work at home - Good tips

Updated on May 22, 2013

Advices for Working at Home

Work at home for many people is already a reality while for others continues to be something they want to do someday.

To be succeeded working at home you must take seriously the work, have discipline, organization, good time management, lots of self-motivation and of course it takes work.

Who has a job at home knows that sometimes it is very easy to have distractions and loose time. Because of being working at home, you can be interrupted by the other members who are living in the same house, by visits from people who know that you are at home, by wasting time watching television and of course your own children who always require a lot of your time - among other factors.

If you already have or think about starting a work at home you should follow some of the following advices:

- The first task to do before starting a work at home is to improvise an office – that will be your workplace. If you do not have a home office you will have to convert one of the divisions of the house into your place to work at home. Choose a comfortable room with good natural light and where you can be focus - away from the "noise" from the rest of the house - and equip it with an appropriate desk and a ergonomic chair. If you have to receive people to meetings you should also purchase a table for this purpose and a sofa.

- Set your working hours - One of the great advantages of having a work at home is the flexibility of schedules, and the possibility of each person to choose the hours they want to work. But the fact is that freedom makes this aspect even more important, and that the hours of work must be really for working. If you have children, you must also choose the hours of work at home in order to be compatible with the obligations of being a mother / father. Although you can work "anytime" you cannot facilitate because after all you have to do your work and keep your responsibilities in order to have results. You should try to make the work schedule at home to coincide with the hours where there is less probability of being interrupted, less movement and less noise at home to increase your productivity.

- Define your days of pause - The fact is that a work at home can often lead to people not make the distinction between the days of work and the weekends and holidays, for example. You should try to avoid this situation by imposing certain rules as not working on weekends, sundays and holidays, or alternatively choose other days to make your vacations. After all, the idea of having a work at home in principle should mean more time to do things you like, spend more time with the family, friends, etc.

- Define a few hours per week to dedicate to a hobby or an activity you like - Who has a job at home usually works much time alone (a) and therefore does not have the companionship that workers usually have with their coworkers. To compensate this you should try activities you enjoy and where you can spend time with other people - going to the gym, playing a team sport in a club or association, have a cup of coffee with friends, have a nice talk, etc.

At a work at home job or in any other kind of job there are advantages and disadvantages.

Working at home is good because:

- There is free time

- You do not have to “endure” the boss (if you are self-employed)

- You can match family and work

- Reduces costs

Work at home can be bad because:

- There is the risk of facing the end-of-week and holidays as days of work (do not feel the difference of "staying home")

- You´ll be working alone

Currently, there are many people who already do or can do their work at home, such as Writers, Professional Bloggers, multilevel marketers, among many other jobs that only need a computer with Internet connection and a telephone.

If you´re thinking of getting a job at home I advise you to try activities that only require a computer and an Internet connection. There are many opportunities to work at home on the Internet, however, initially it will not be easy to get income to enable it to live solely from the work at home.

In general, businesses and companies that operate in multilevel system are good job opportunities at home. You can start this type of activity as a part-time and as incomes are increasing you may decide to devote yourself to this business in full-time.


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