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The pros and cons of working at home.

Updated on January 9, 2018

From the beginning....

Before we delve into the subject of working at home, a little about myself. My name is Angel Caleb Santos. Some of my friends call me Caleb, but I am better know in some circles as Montecristodog. Why that name? Because I got it from an E-bay account and I liked the sound of it. Besides, Montecristodog is a special hot dog, so being a food connoisseur, it stuck with me.

Now let's leave the food part and talk more about me. I spent most of my life making a living as a driver. Having served 4 years in the Navy, I got into the civilian world and took some driving jobs in order to make a living. Working in the construction, taxis and Verizon industry, I had accumulated more than 20 years driving. When I retired in 2010 from Verizon, I took a job in a non-profit company as a service rep. The transition was a challenging one, at best because I was used to working by myself but I had a good supervisor who worked with me and helped with my transition.

Be careful what you wish for....

I learned a whole new world working with computers. For one thing, I was confined to a space for a period of about 8 hours. I, also, learned to multi-task listening to the caller's request and typing at the same time. As a truck driver, all you had to do is drive and make sure your deliveries got there safe and sound.

When I took the job as a service representative, it was different. You sit next to a computer for eight hours and be focused all the time to the caller's need. You take your breaks when the company tells you and get as many calls as possible. Sometimes, it would be call after call without a break. There were times that we had to do 100 calls in a day. By the end of the day, I was ready to go to bed. It was during that time that I would hear companies hiring workers to work from the comfort of their own homes. Little did I know that my bosses were considering making a similar move in the future.

Not long ago, our workplace decided to do remote work (Work at home) as an experimental stage. I was, not, interested at first because I thought it might be complicated. A good friend of mine had volunteered as a remote worker. It was, while, visiting his home that he showed me his work place. He told me that the company had given him a work computer and explained the adjustments he needed to make. Looking at it, I said--"Thanks, but no thanks! I moved on and forgot about it but deep in my heart, I wanted to work at home but did not was not ready to take that step.

Radical change.

Then came the day when my son James would move in with us. He began to have some problems with his transportation, so to make a long story short and you can read the rest of it on my hub (Which car would you pick?--Link provided below), I decided to go remote in order to help him. The company took me to a training on how to work the equipment and I found that it was not as complicated as I thought. I needed a good cell phone in order to check into my work computer. I really enjoyed my job especially when it was snowing and they needed people to work overtime.

Will you be smiling if you work remote?
Will you be smiling if you work remote? | Source

The Pros and cons of working at home.

I am, complaining about my job. In fact, I like working from home. The only setback is that it has spoiled me. Other than that, I am happy but if you are considering a work from home arrangement, look before you leap and have these thoughts in mind. Here are the cons---

1- It will make you lazy. The lack of driving and walking around the job can, possibly, add some more unwanted pounds

2- You have to be disciplined. When you check in, you have to be prompt and not waste time.

3- Lack of companionship. You will spend many hours alone and will miss your friends.

4- You will develop "Cabin fever."

Now on the other hand, here are my pros. There are many advantages to working at home because...

1- You will save some money. Your mileage will help get you a lower insurance rate for your car. You can, also, save by not eating out. It pays to cook your own food. ($$$)

2- Tax write-offs. You can, possibly, deduct your phone and cable,along with possibly part of your mortgage or rent as a tax write-off. (Consult your tax advisor for details)

3- Be close to your family. Spend some time with the wife and family during your scheduled breaks.

4- Weather conditions can provide more opportunities for overtime.

5- You don't have to dress up. I am, usually, with shorts and a t-shirt at home while at work.

So, there you have it, my thoughts on working remote. There are good points and bad points to consider. Also, bear in mind that you may not be blessed to have a work computer. Some companies may require you to use your computer with some strict requirements. Also, being bi-lingual is a plus. With the ever changing state of technology, it is wise to learn all you can about your computer. You might be working remote sooner or later.

Pros and cons of working at home.

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