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Work at home and online surveys are scams

Updated on July 24, 2009

Beware of Scams

 I was desperate to find any type of work and I fell into scams. One was making these angels at home. The company sent this horrible angel thing, if you made them you were suppose to be paying them money to pay you, your own money. I stopped that one fast enough. The online survey sites were horrible. They filled your email, I opened a secondary account with so much junk. Anytime I opened a survey, it would say, survey not for you. The real good one was the job cashing checks for these people. The check would deposit and clear, you would take your amount out of the check and wire them the balance, The check would later bounce and you were out the money to the bank. Then there was the ones that I just deleted that wanted to drop ship packages to my address. What the hell would be in the boxes? I do not think so. I found that making money on eBay could be good, as long as you watch your insert fees, and pick hot items. I like eBay, and the auctions. I even researched the customer service at home sites, I am not paying any one to work for them, pay to talk to me. The time is ripe for the scammers to come out, people need jobs, and money to survive. No one will give you something for nothing. I heard that scammers were calling people using President Obama's voice, telling them to refinance and use this company. We do not have the extra money now to take any hits from these scammers, so be smart. 


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