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Work at home jobs | homeshoring - A list of current work at home opportunities available in the UK

Updated on January 30, 2015

Does getting up for work and not even having to take your PJs off sound like your kind of job? Well you will probably want to read on. Working from home has rocketed lately with more and more companies offering positions to home workers, high profile companies such as Sky, Tesco, Littlewoods, Very, Enterprise car rentals and the AA are all starting to outsource telesales roles to home workers.

Roles vary from company to company, including, taking orders, payments, making manager call backs, filtering calls, cold calling, cross selling and more.

There are many types of 'work from home' jobs some good and some not so good, this guide outlines available work from home opportunities available at present in the UK and more importantly which ones are legitimate.

Legitimate home working opportunities

The Jobs featured here have all at one time or another been tried , tested and approved as being legitimate by myself and people I know in the WAH world.

Lionbridge Technologies - Various roles currently advertised. Most common role they recruit for is the Internet Assessor. It is normally 10-20 hours per week . Usually only an 11 month contract and workers will be required to be registered self employed. Earnings in the region of £9 an hour.

Arise Virtual Solutions - Home based Customer service and sales roles. Several companies to choose from once accepted .Normally 15-20 hours a week including weekends. Candidates are required to pay a small fee to get the client training which is usually reimbursed upon successful completion of training. Earnings in the region of £6-£8 an hour.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Enterprise offer work at home roles such as Reservation Agents which involve customer service and sales. Applicants must live within 50 miles radius of Aldershot and be advised the second stage is an interview at their Aldershot offices. Earnings in the region of £6-£8 an hour .

Appen - Various freelance positions. Most common role is the Web Search Evaluator. Similar to Lionbridge.In most roles you are required to work 4 hours a day between the hours of 9am-5pm Mon-Fri(this does vary depending on the project you get allocated). Earnings in the region of £8-£10 an hour.

360 CRM - Customer service role - telephoning NHS patients on the appointment reminder service. This is usually an employed role so you get benefits of paid holidays etc. Shifts vary. They also recruit for home working P.A's. Earnings in the region of £6-£8 an hour.

63336 - The role involves answering texts as a researcher, you need to be good with Google and have good general knowledge. You can generally choose the type of questions you answer, and the hours you work. You get paid 30p per question. There aren't vacancies all the time, but you can keep checking back.

***********Top tip***********

You can sell from the catalogue, run stalls at events such as fetes and charity events or even do parties (at your home or your customers)

Other types of WAH opportunities

These jobs are franchise opportunities and home-based jobs. These jobs may require a start up fee, the earnings could based on commission or you wouldn't strictly be 'working from home' in the sense that you won't sat on the sofa in your PJs the whole time, you may be required to host parties or deliver catalogues for instance. All these positions offer flexible hours and days. You also get full training.

Some of the more well known opportunities explained:

Ann Summers party planner - You get a basic kit worth £500 and pay £3.50 per week rental for 32 weeks or until you have made payments to Ann Summers of £1200. Parcels delivered free. Discount of 23% on everything you sell at a party. E.g.…£100 of sales at a party earns you £23 for approximately two hours work. Discount of 30% on anything you purchase. Flexible hours and days. Hostess gifts offered to party organisers at special prices. Company competitions and recognition given for achievements and limited paperwork.

Kleeneze - Deliver catalogues in your local area and receive a percentage of any goods you sell. There is a start up cost to buy catalogues. You must also collect catalogues and deliver the items to the customers. If you build a team of people you will receive an increased percentage . Regular incentives for increasing sales and teams.

Avon - You pay a small start up fee and are given a credit limit. Your first order comes on credit, allowing you to deliver the products and collect the money. When you place your 2nd order, you then pay for the 1st, and it continues on like that. Your earnings for the first 2 months are 50% on most items, after that they can vary from 20% - 50%. There's no quotas or minimum orders. If you don't place an order for 6 weeks, your account will be inactivated.

FM cosmetics - You need to purchase a start up kit, they start from £11.50. Like all Direct Sales it depends what you put into what you get out. You choose your own days and hours and earn up to 33% of sales.

Herbalife - This position is for an Independent Distributor to sell the Herbalife diet. The only outlay is a distributor kit which is approx £30. You are not required to buy any stock to sell.

Utility warehouse - Getting homes and small businesses to switch providers for its range of utility services – gas, electricity, broadband, and home and mobile phone. Pay includes bonuses for each new customer you sign up, a passive income of up to around 6% on every call one of your customers makes on their mobile and share of everything your customers spend on their utility bills every month.

Forever living - You earn 30% customer sales when they have paid for their goods, and an extra 5% via a monthly bonus payment. (word has it the products are quite expensive and can be hard to sell)

Phoenix Trading - There's a £30 start up cost for your pack and you earn 30% commission on your customer sales. You're selling greeting cards, wrapping paper and stationery.

Usbourne - Selling children's books, you earn 24% basic commission and there's a £38 start up fee.

Partylite - There's no cash investment! PartyLite provide you with a starter kit worth £300, which includes candle holders, candles, stationery, brochures and a very useful guide. On achieving sales of £300 you have cleared your starter kit. You earn 20% commission sales, on a weekly basis and when sales exceed £1200 in a calendar month, you receive an additional 5% bonus.

Oriflame - 'Cosmetics' There's costs for catalogues (less than £3), and there is an optional business case which is £15 and contains things you need to get going like paperwork, handbook, samples etc. When you first set up you will earn 23% commission on all orders over £50 and 30% commission on all orders over £110, as you grow with Oriflame and begin to recruit friends your commission and earnings will increase.

Scentsy - 'Wickless candles and scents' There's a start up cost of £85 +p&p and you earn between 20% and 39% on sales.

Jamie at home - There's a smaller, cheaper kit (you pay a total of £70) to give you a low cost start or an outstanding value bumper kit (you pay £120) full of brilliant sellers. Commisssion rate between 22% and 26% with Host gifts free and delivery of party orders free.

It is advised you research these opportunities to see if they are right for you before starting out.

Help is at hand

Starting off in the world of homeshoring can be really daunting, just as walking in to a new job can be but with home working you don't have the people on tap to help. Here are a few websites that offer good advice from other 'work at home' folk:

  • MSE - Up your income board for all things 'wah'
  • WAH Facebook page - Run by people who have worked from home for years, they post all current openings and offer advice for those wishing to join.

These are a great resource as the members and admin all have lots of experience in working from home and are happy to help you through the registration process and answer any questions you might have.

Benefits of working from home

  • Work/home balance - Still be able to do the school runs, even give the house a cheeky in your lunch hour.
  • Environmentally friendly - It keeps cars off the roads.
  • More time with family - No long drives home and you get to work the hours that suit you and your family
  • Less stressful environment - No one to impress, no boss constantly breathing down your neck.
  • Quieter atmosphere - less distractions = more work.
  • More enjoyable - No dragging yourself out of bed on a freezing cold morning.
  • Avoid traffic jams and long commutes.
  • Save money - No lunch to buy, no petrol costs, childcare costs are reduced as you can do school runs yourself.

Do you make a living, working from home?

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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 2 years ago from all over the web

      there are tons of articles around the web mainly focused on america. this is wonderful to write it specifically for the UK folks. thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      Demelza 3 years ago

      These topics are so cofnisung but this helped me get the job done.

    • Adityapullagurla profile image

      Aditya Pullagurla 4 years ago from Sydney

      excellent hub

    • JoeYoung22 profile image

      Joe Young 4 years ago from Blyth, Northumberland, England

      In your list of benefits of working from home, you neglected to mention 'can watch Kojak' ;) I already have plans for working from home, but I'll look into these to see if I can supplement my earnings.