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Work from Home Jobs You May Not Know About

Updated on July 5, 2016
Work from Home
Work from Home

Not everyone's cut out to be a writer, a blogger, a customer service agent or an Etsy seller. But there are some work from home jobs you may not know about.

The communication age makes many things possible, and jobs that were once business-casual only are moving online and all the way into the home. There are lots of work from home opportunities out there, and some entrepreneurs have found ways to create their own. Some professionals may already have experience in fields that are rich in work from home opportunities…but they probably don’t even know it.

Lesser-Known Work from Home Jobs

Everyone’s seen the advertisements and heard the hype. It’s possible to earn money at home through customer service, technical support, craft-making, catering, babysitting – sure, you probably already know all that. There are some work from home jobs that have evolved thanks to the Internet, but lots of professionals don’t even know they’re a possibility:

  • Local government. The 2016 Telework Enhancement Act forces federal agencies to find and provide work at home opportunities to employees. Look to county and city government agencies to learn more about the telecommuting positions that might be available. There is potential in several departments, including zoning, land development and city planning.
  • Teaching. It’s still an important profession, and it’s going online. Many, many schools are looking for K through 12 teachers in subjects including foreign language, geography, science, music, art, even physical education. Teachers who have the credentials and the ability to work online will find work from home opportunities in their chosen field if they start looking creatively around the country.
  • Vacation planning. Also known as travel agents, vacation planners need little more than a computer and a list of contacts to do their job – so why can’t they do it from home? With a phone and email account, knowledgeable planning professionals can earn from home by providing this service for others. Vacation planners do have the burden of promoting themselves and marketing to find work, which can be a job unto itself, but there are opportunities for those who do it successfully.
  • Fitness. Plenty of people don’t want to leave their homes to get in shape. It’s embarrassing to go to the gym or run down the street. In the safety of their homes, they can build muscle and shed pounds…but they need help. Become an online fitness coach, an Internet personal trainer, and give them what they really want: the ability to lose without leaving their homes. Again, personal trainers must advertise their services and find clients, but the rewards of working from home are worth the effort.


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