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Ideas to Work from Home: Part Two

Updated on April 3, 2013

Part Two

We all dream of firing our bosses and working for ourselves but some people just don't know how to begin that process. In this series of Ideas to Work from Home posts you'll find some ideas on how to work for yourself. Keep in mind you will need to do complete research on your state's requirements to starting a business so these ideas are only meant as 'idea starters' to get you motivated.


Would you like to resell merchandise for a profit? Specialty Merchandise Corporation is a great and inexpensive way to start. No applying for rights to promote them and they even have a great no credit check finance option. You can actually get started for under $25! How much do I believe in this company? I make NO money referring them to you. Not one cent. They give you ideas on how to sell their merchandise, such as flea markets, online, swap meets, wholesaling and more. You can visit their site for more information


Along the same lines as BBQ catering, people will pay for personal chefs to come to their home and prepare a healthy menu or simply to do some light cooking for them so they don’t have to.


Writers of all industries need a good proofreader. This is valuable to them as it allows personal feedback and not just what the spell check can do. Authors of books are always looking for people to proofread for them.


Web designing is an easy task to do at home on a part time or full time basis. Small business owners will pay someone to create an online presence for their business and large companies will pay someone to revise content of their already established website.


I suggest checking with your local churches about this one. Sometimes they only hire from within their congregation but some churches wants someone outside the organization to assist in managing the day-to-day responsibilities of the church.


Look in the want ads of your local paper or even on, you will find an abundance of jobs within this field. It seems to be an undying profession. Education is required of course but usually you can go to school for less than a year to get certified in bookkeeping but to advance in accounting you will want to look into a 2-4 year degree program. This profession allows you the flexibility of working from your own office or working from your own home office. At times you can even meet your clients at the local coffee house or their location. Typically, small business owners will utilize your service because you'll save them more money than that big accounting firm will.


Unless you’re really good, gambling as a profession just doesn’t work for everyone. There are local games you can enter and ones on a larger scale if you’re willing to pay to enter the competition.


Fashion is an ever-growing profession. People will pay someone for throwing outfits together or dressing them for particular events. If you have good fashion sense, you don’t have to design clothes to get into this field, you just have to know what’s in and what’s out. Believe it or not, not everyone is capable of matching.


This tedious profession allows you to set up mailing lists for companies and sometimes these businesses are willing to pay for lists of potential customers in their area. The good thing about this profession is you’re able to sell the same list over and over again to different companies. Keep an organized record of your contacts so you become known as the person who provides updated information.


Everything has been moving online for awhile now. Companies will pay high dollar for research on any given topic they desire. Some companies want to know about their competitors while others seek trends in the market. Either way, if you are organized and can find just about anything online, this may be the gig for you!

** No worries if this or the previous list didn't get your idea juices flowing ~ there are still a lot more ideas I have to post ~ something is sure to get you going! If not, feel free to send me a message, tell me what your favorite hobby is and I'll customize you a business solution! All I can do is suggest, you have to be the one to grab the opportunity and run with it!

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    • sydneyspence profile image

      Sydney Spence 5 years ago from Austin Texas

      According to research it is typically the small business owners that are the ones to use an independent accountant versus having to pay a large corporation to keep track of their bookkeeping. I think small business owners learned they can't trust those large corporations. :) You can obtain certification for bookkeeping in under a year but you'd still want to gain experience. Accountants go to school for a minimum of 2 years. We shouldn't count the little guys out! I'll update that section! Thanks for the feedback!

    • dpsimswm profile image

      dpsimswm 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      Your assumption about accounting jobs is way off track. If you want to be a bookkeeper, perhaps you can go to school for a year and get some type of certification, but if I was a small business owner, I wouldn't use that service.

    • csjblogs profile image

      csjblogs 5 years ago from elizabethton,tn

      great hub I like your information you provided, I also wrote a hub about working from home.