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Work is the blessing we curse

Updated on May 16, 2016

Well, it's pretty obvious why most of us work. It's because we need some money. We'll get up, put on our clothes, and head off to the old grindstone. We go so we can help pay our mortgage and hopefully go on a vacation with our family.

Now that's not bad at all, but there is a better why to look at work. You can see your job as a blessing instead of a stepping stone to retirement.

Okay, this is going to be really good. If you bring this perspective I'm about to show you into your work ethic, you won't only see work as a blessing, but you'll work in a better way that will be noticed by your coworkers, your boss, and everyone you sees your work.

People have always worked. It's just what we do. Yes, we do get paid for it, but that shows that your work has value. What you do needs to be done, usually to make other people's lives easier. Even if you work at a Taco Bell, you're helping your customers get food so they will be satisfied. Our work is meant to bring culture to our world.

Artists make art

Writers write books

Chefs cook food

There is so much that our work does to benefit the people around us.

Bringing that into account gives us a whole different aspect of work. Our jobs are what we do to benefit the world, to give it culture, to make other people's lives a little easier.

And if all that's not enough, there even more!

Okay. Have you ever noticed that when people go into retirement they will go back to work after a while, even if they don't need anymore money? What's that all about? People spend so much time trying to save money so that they can have a long retirement, but then when they get there they just go back to work. Well, that's a very interesting point. As humans, we not only benefit society ( usually) with our work, but we feel a deep call to work. We can't go without it! We are hardwired to work and serve one another with the gifts and abilities we possess.

Without work we feel empty and useless.

Do you love your job?

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Overall, this is incredible! The very thing that we complain about daily is the thing that we can't live without. Our jobs are one of the best ways we can grow and mature our society. We should see our jobs as ways to love people and also as a blessing, because without them we would still have that deep rooted longing to work.

Our work is one of the few ways that directly affects/benefits our world. With that in mind, we should work our hardest so that those we love can live lives that are easier and more peaceful.


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    • Stuart McIntyre profile image

      Stuart McIntyre 18 months ago

      I can remember when I was younger, still at school, I realised most of my time was going to be spent working so for me it needed to be something I was passionate about!

      When I was towards the end of my time at school I had decided I would do a more practical course, for multiple reasons. That didn't stop the school trying to force me to go to university and do a written course. This may be part of the problem, the school wanted me to go to uni because I had the grades to and I wanted to go to college to do more practical work rather than writing about it. (filmmaking being what I studied)

      During education there is so much focus on grades and schools comparing to others etc. I think in the education processes many people lose sight of what they are passionate about and work becomes as you call it the grindstone.

      But I definitely agree with you about changing the way people look at their work. For me I always enjoy my work, even going back to when I was 14 delivering newspapers or 19 working in a convenience store while at college. Whenever a job got to the point where I was just doing it for the money and I had nothing else to get out of it I moved on and found something else to get by.

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 18 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      So true!

      My day job is that of a Bus driver. We have about 200 drivers in the company where I work and about 50% are well past retirement age with no desire to stop working (I'm one of the 'young 'uns' at 55!)

      A couple of times we've asaked some on the older drivers why they don't retire (a couple are over 75) and their reply was simply "Why? This is the best way for me to get out and about and meet people"

      What a lot of them do is cut back their hours and go to a four day week or even a three day week so they can enjoy 'slowing down'

      Enjoyed this hub