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Working As An Affiliate Marketer

Updated on October 22, 2011

Building An Affiliate Marketing Business

In the previous article, I explained what an affiliate marketer was and why its presence in the web is so important and vital for online businesses.

In this article, I will be writing about the two most important methods of doing business as an affiliate online.

The first method is the free advertising method and the second method is the paid method. The two methods can be extremely successful, however, both will require some work from your end.

Free Advertising Method

While you won't be investing money to use this advertising method, you still need to invest some money to setup your online business. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

You can become a very successfull affiliate marketer online with no investment at all, other than your time and for that, all that you have to do is to join to social networking. For example, orkut, facebook and so on.

If you are a member of any social networking and you have your own blogs, then, all that you need is to become a plublisher with google and other search engines that offer free memberships, once you become a publisher, you can create advertising adds to display in your blogs.

Basically, you get paid for every click done by your visitors, not you, don't do that, you might have your membership cancelled with the search engines, believe me, they have technology to track that down.

These whole process is free but you must invest your time for it. The more presence you have in the web, the better will your chance to profit from it.

If you already have one or more websites, you can also laverage this option, all the adds that you insert in your websites will matched to your sites contents.

You will get paid by clicks and page impressions, go to google and search for adwords. In fact, you can find of the information you need there, including, how you get paid.

Paid Advertising Method

Just like when you first start a business, you spend more that you actually make, in fact, it might take several months before your business starts breaking-even, which means that your business is bringing in as much as you are investing to run it.

As an online marketer, you must take this same approach, you must continuingly analyze your budget and investment, you don't want to lose money, do you? Well, have said that, let's talk about the second online advertising method.

This second method offers a lot more risk that the first one, however, the returns are also greater. Depending with whom you associate with, you can make a large profit margin but, you are responsible for the whole marketing campaign.

Just like in google, you must also become an affiliate with an online network organization in order to adversite products and companies.

The best online system that I have found and became an affiliate was clickbank. You can go to clickbank and sign up for free to become an affiliate, once you do that, you will have access for over 10,000 digital products.

Remember, you will also have to set up websites, blogs, landing pages and so on, in order to adversite the products. You will have to create the marketing campaigns all by yourself, in fact, clickbank provides training for free.

In this case, you will be working with the main searching engines to advertising with them and, you will have pay for the adds, just go to google and search for keywords, there you will learn all about keywords and, you will also have to set up a different account that will especially for advertisers.

If you have more questions, just drop me a line. Good Luck!


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    • veejay23 profile image

      veejay23 7 years ago from South Africa

      I was being inquisitive to see who moneymakingmummy is following and ended up here. Great post lucionogue

    • moneymakingmummy profile image

      moneymakingmummy 7 years ago from yorkshire

      Really interesting hub thanks for the tips