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College Intern for Google, Ann Arbor

Updated on September 1, 2014

Interviewing for Google

Interning for Google is definitely an unorthodox experience and even my interview was out of the ordinary. My interview was comprised of a behavioral screening but was than followed by a pitch! I had to pitch a company to a set of Google employees and it either made or broke my future. Thank god I nailed it, and you can see it word for word below. It had to be no more than 300 words.

GreenBowl, is a privately owned business run by husband and wife Marley and Scott Wong. The two opened the restaurant in 2001 and are still going strong, and still married. If the two of them can live and work with each other every single day, not only do we have a love story here, but these young entrepreneurs are dedicated. The independent family owned restaurant is located downtown in State College Pennsylvania. The location intersects College Ave., the most congested part of the city. The location is 10 feet away from the actual campus, this is a huge advantage because when those on-campus students get a taste at Greenbowl they will think twice about heading back to the cafeteria. The numbers do not lie either, in 2012 they brought in 2.5 million dollars in revenue. You’re probably wondering, “Well what do they do, Dave?”. The company is an all you can eat hibachi restaurant. Students and residents can pick their ingredients ranging from raw beef to kale and watch their meal, or meals, being cooked right in front of them by an employed hibachi chief. The best part about this business is all of this food is only 9 dollars per person. Cheap, fresh, delicious, all you can eat food is absolutely perfect for the 42,000 students that go to Pennsylvania State University. The small restaurant is easily a favorite among the student body, but they can use help. Most people have to see it to believe it, so let’s get people to see Greenbowl sooner. Freshmen have no idea where the best places to eat off campus are, but they do use the internet. Let’s show these freshman and new residents what the hottest restaurant is downtown and help this family business grow and expand.


Food at Google

I was recently an intern for Google and the experience was absolutely amazing. One rumor that is accurate about the culture there is the amazing food. They have a chief that cooks every meal from scratch, and its all free! One of the most memorable meals we had was salmon with sweet potato salad and homemade beans. It was one of the best meals I have ever had. One of the signature meals was the turkey burger for lunch and it was extraordinary. I always said, "if your a satisfied with your taste buds you are always a happier person". It is so true. I felt like I worked better, was more encouraged to go to work, and was happy to be at work. It felt like it was home.


Google Environment

The environment at Google was everything anybody could ask for. I literally mean everyone. From 6 to 75 years old it is a paradise for all human. During lunch hours I was either playing PAC-man on an old-school gaming system, outside with co-employees, or even playing ping-pong on the deck. The entertainment there is fantastic and it makes work that much more enjoyable. Some on site benefits they offer to their employees is laundry, dry cleaning, free haircuts, and you can even take naps during work hours. A lot of people would probably think that this is bad for a company because there are so many distractions. That is not true at all, in fact it is the total opposite. Working at Google makes you feel like your always winning. When people are winning they have fun, they try to be the best, and they are confident. This is what all employees at Google are like. They are confident, happy, and bold. Imagine feeling like Micheal Jordan all the time but in a working environment. You feel like you are on top of the world. This is what makes Google the best company in the world and is why nobody else can compare.

Its amazing that the company is so huge but still functions like a start-up company. When you work for Google there are so many opportunities. You can take work by the horns and make into what ever you want. At Google you can pretty much create your own role in the company. It is really cool. You can teach your own classes, become a leader, and get recognized throughout the massive online firm.

Inside Google


The People At Google

Most big corporations look for dominant personalities, which is not a bad thing, but at Google this will not get you in the door. All of the people I've met at Google came from diverse backgrounds and were from schools all over the country. Not just Ivy league schools like Harvard and Yale, even though they were present. I went to Pennsylvania State University and I even knew people coming from smaller schools that you probably never even heard of like Babson or Stevens. Also all of these people have done things to prove themselves as innovators. Some created their own website, many of them traveled the world at a young age, and some were even professionals in diverse categories. The cool thing about the recruiting at Google is they don't care a lot about GPA. Most people in college worry so much about their grades, and you should! But you should also worry about bettering yourself and proving to the world that you can make a difference somehow. Everybody goes to school, it is nothing special. Just because your grades are slacking does not mean you are any different though. There is always a story, and just because your grades are bad does not mean it should not be heard. The most important thing as a young person is to do things that show initiative, leadership, and innovation.

Bottom line is, Google doesn't just hire anyone. They want diverse personalities that when in the same room can come up with innovative ideas.


Why Google Is A Top Company

Google in my opinion is the best company you can work for in the entire world. It is such a massive company that focuses on investing in their employees. With so much revenue coming in and limited liabilities the cash flow is focused on YOU the employee. From free food to free haircuts the place is all around the most obvious choice of where to work. The environment is beyond what you ever think it would be and it is absolutely extraordinary to be there in person. Working at Google is like being the best, and who doesn't want to be the best. I always told myself that things you should stick to are the things you are good at and the things that make you focus. By being focused or being the best you are always enjoying what you do, and that causes you to be good at what you do. At Google I felt focused and like I was the best all the time. It produced the best individual I could possibly be, inside and outside of work.

If you are interested in working at Google anywhere in the world you should start off by diversifying. Either attempt to make a website, start an organization, or become a leader in something you already enjoy. After doing this you should apply for an internship related to Google and work your way up from there. Google loves when people climb their ladder and they almost embrace it.

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