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Working From Home: Hope, Possibilities and Reality

Updated on April 7, 2015
Missing Link profile image

Missing Link is originally from rural Ohio. He currently lives in Hillsboro, OR. with his Wife and two Sons.

A great many people would like to work from home. It would be nice to sit in the comfort of your own home making x number of dollars per hour, project, sale, etc. This is not a fantasy but is also not an easy thing to accomplish.

Some people work at home for their regular employer and that is neat. That's really not what I'm talking about in this article however. I'm talking about people who want to make income working from home independent of any past or current employer.

There are many work from home scams in this regard but there are also legitimate opportunities. Some people are completely cynical thinking all these opportunities are false promises...and they are wrong. Some people are too naïve and trusting and that is also an issue.

There are people all across the nation working from home. Yes, some try hard and get little in return...but at least they tried. Some people do ok, some do better than ok and others do quite well. You will need to be patient and perhaps make some sacrifices along the way. It is unlikely you will quickly become a generally doesn’t work that way.

What do you want? For some people, making 100-200 dollars a month is a nice supplemental income and I suggest this should be your initial goal. For others a few hundred extra dollars is nothing and not worth the time or effort. It all is relative depending on your expectations and way of perceiving the situation.

I make around $150.00 a month working from home and for me this is great. I do have a full time job outside of the home. I generate extra income from home from some websites that I have. For me it is fun, is a hobby and, I have learned a great deal. This is what I suggest for most people----try to make a few hundred dollars a month from something you will enjoy or at least tolerate well.

I have seen people on E Bay selling antique and vintage postcards. I have not done this but think it is a good idea. These folks will go to estate sales or auctions and buy a thousand old postcards that grandma had been collecting for 70 years. You would be amazed how many people would like to have a nice vintage or antique postcard from the 1920s or 30s. Some people buy these so they can scan the image and place the image on their website.

Similarly, some folks will seek out old collections of magazines at auctions or sales. These old magazines are worthless right---wrong! People will take the staples out of the spine of the magazine. Then, then will cut out pages that have vintage, Americana like advertisements. These can be related to farming, housework, pets, cigarettes, etc. They will then post these for sale on Ebay. For example, there may be a customer who is searching for a circa 1930s advertisement of a farm theme featuring a John Deere tractor. Postcards and pages from magazines are lightweight and easy to store and ship.

Many look into medical transcription. Some of the schools and online programs for medical transcription cost a decent chunk of money. Do not purchase or dive into something like this impulsively----think about it for a while before deciding to go for it. It will take discipline and time to get your certificate or degree

Yes, you can work from home doing medical transcription but generally, not right away. You first have to get a job at a doctor's office as a transcriptionist and work there a few years. After a few years of in-office experience you can then transition into doing the work from home.

Are there still Tupperware sales reps? When I was a little boy my mom would drag me along with her to Tupperware parties...what a drag for a little boy. Somehow though I made the best out of it and survived. There are many sales opportunities for those wishing to work from home or independently. Are there still Avon sales reps? People sell knives, vacuum cleaners, magazines and many other items. So, if you are a people person, enjoy sales and have products you believe in this may work for you.

Affiliate marketing is something you can definitely do from home but you will need some basic computer skills. An example of affiliate marketing is this: I own a company selling lawn mowers. As the company owner I have an affiliate program. You can join the program and if you help sell one of my lawn mowers I will give you ten percent of the sales proceeds. So, if the mower sells for 500 dollars you get 50 dollars. Neat huh? This is best accomplished if you create your own website from which to sell the items.

I know a wonderful, stay at home mom who is involved in She makes arts and crafts for people. Visitors to the website leave requests for craft like items they would like to have but are unable or unwilling to create themselves. This talented lady then makes the items for the people and sells it to them. She makes $250-300 a month doing this. What's wrong with this? The lady enjoys it, it gives her something to do while the kids are in school, she makes extra money and, the customers are happy to have their items.

There are many types of freelance work you can do from home. Many people do freelance, article writing to make supplemental income. If you are a good writer this should not be a problem for you. There are many computer related, freelance opportunities. If you are good at computers there are sites you can go to (like to bid on projects that people need done. If you do good work word will get around and your income will grow.

So, I hope this article has been of assistance and possibly an inspiration. Best wishes!


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    • Missing Link profile image

      Missing Link 2 years ago from Oregon

      Rajesh ,

      Thanks for your kind words and for visiting this hub! Best wishes to you!

    • Rajesh3raj profile image

      Rajesh Kumar Giri 2 years ago from Delhi, India

      To add extra bucks in the wallet, you suggestion to come with hobby is really appreciating.

      excellent content with nice idea.


      Rajesh Kumar Giri