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Working Online: Does It Really Pay?

Updated on August 4, 2016
Patrick Patrick profile image

Patrick has been working as a freelance writer on fiverr for the past 2 years.

Working Online

Working Online
Working Online

Working Online

What do you think? Does it really pay? Is it really worth the time and effort? To answer this question you have to think about those who have worked online, or have been working online. I did some essay and article writing for some online clients, while still in the University and I can assure you that I did make some real good money. Yes my friend- Working online does pay.

Ok, let's not just think along the lines of writing articles or academic content here; think of the internet in general- there are so many opportunities. While working on people's articles and research papers, I realized that a good number of buyers also wanted me to work on other stuff such as proof- reading their work, writing short stories for them, transcriptions (which I really hated) and even writing short erotic stories. Yes my friend, even erotic stuff. This got me thinking, I could really diversify and concentrate on what I was really good at. I did that and focused on 3 main areas, which really paid out. I would not go a day without requests flooding my inbox- Seriously, I actually had to turn down some of the buyers; Yes, there was that much work.

My goal here is to reach the young people. You can do something online while waiting for that job you so much desire and actually make good cash. I have said this time and again in my previous posts, opportunities on the internet are endless. All you have to do is know what you are really good at. It may be animations, designing websites, sketching, writing and so on. Whatever your talent you can be sure that there is someone out there in need of your skills. Today more than ever, there are a variety of websites that allow you to interact with buyers from all over the world, and show them what you can do. Take Fiverr for instance- is there anything you can't find there?

Ok, so you have the talent, the skills and the passion to do what you are really good at. What next? Well, this is where you find the best site that can help you interact and meet the market. This may simply include various social sites like Facebook or Fiverr among others. Share out your skills, show people something you have done before to win their trust and even offer to work for them for less to prove that you can provide the best services. All you need for starters is a few people to point out how good your work is. You are on your way to the top from here.

So, you have the skills and are willing to go the whole nine yards: Now you are in business as the seller and the people you are reaching are your buyers. This is where you have to start acting professionally if you haven't started already. Any buyer will tell you that how well they are served will determine whether or not they return to do business with you. Good business ethics will not only ensure that you have returning buyers, but that they also send out a good word for you.

How much you make online is dependent on you. Remember patience pays- never give up too easily. So how do you make good money online?

Know your strengths and weaknesses

The competition on the internet is intense, and buyers will not hesitate to find someone who delivers. This is why you should avoid what you are not good at, and focus on what you are really good at. This will ensure that you provide the best work possible. Substandard work will only give you bad press, which will in turn chase any potential buyer away. Work on your strengths, learn from others on how to improve and even ask your buyers what you can do for them to meet their needs. There is nothing better than good communication with buyers. This helps strengthen the relationship between you and the buyer, and ultimately more business for you.


A wide range of buyers are looking for different things. This is why it would be important to diversify. However, make sure that you only diversify in areas that you are very confident with. This will ensure that you are comfortable with the work you are assigned. For instance, a good web designer may also be good with animations and logos. Diversification in all these areas would be like casting a very big net that would catch more fish. It is always worth it.

Charge less for starters

You are a newbie so you don't have to start with high charges, or even the normal charges. Just charge less, and when they see how really good your work is, you can increase your prices to the appropriate level with time. Quality work is always appreciated. While in the university, I would not only get paid the right amount, but also receive tips for outstanding work. You can therefore be sure that you will be highly appreciated by your buyers with time.

Lastly, it is important that you treat your buyers with respect. Sure, this may be your side job, but never treat your buyers like trash. It is being professional and delivering excellent services that you will grow your small business. There is always something out there that is yet to be done, and you may land yourself a great business in the process. While you may simply be working on a given field, you may discover something new and become a pioneer in the field. So remember, everything you get involved is an opportunity to learn and grow, I have personally seen people turn their hobbies into good business. You can do the same.

Simple Animation

Have you Worked Online?

One can do just about anything they are good at online, so why not do so and make money in the process? Working online does pay- I am a living witness :) Whether one intends to work on animation, graphics and design, selling products or even writing, give it your best and dedicate your time and efforts,and you will be in control of how much you make.

Have you worked online? Please share your experience

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    • Patrick Patrick profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Nairobi

      Thank you Mel. I realized it takes some time, but eventually pays off. Patience and dedication is the key

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      2 years ago from San Diego California

      All of these things are possible for a lot of people, but the problem is getting your foot in the door and building a clientele. Great hub.


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