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Working and living on a campsite

Updated on April 15, 2013

A way of life ..... campsite owner

It´s not a job, it´s a way of life to work on and own a campsite. You are responsible for all jobs on site; either you do it yourself or you assign someone to the job. But you are the one who they turn to when things go wrong, when there are complaints or when it rains "what have you done with the sun? Forgot to order it for today?".

What does a year look like? Well it starts in February when the terrain needs to be cleared of leaves, fallen branches, dead wood, etc. Than we start cleaning the outside of all the mobile homes and chalets, the terraces, the roads. If things need painting or repairing that's what follows.

Starting of April we turn on the water (it´s turned of because the temperature drops to minus 15 in winter-months) and clean the inside of all units, the main building (bar, restaurant, kitchen, storage's, etc), the sanitary buildings and all the signs in and around the campsite.

A week before the campsite opens for the summer season (normally the first of may) we start cleaning the pool and the play areas. And because we have a heated pool, we turn on the heating.

After 3 months the campsite is ready for it´s guests. We start with couples, or families with children under 4 in may and June. This is a time when the average is 30 families. Not a whole lot but a nice income could be achieved, as long as you hire no employees. Just the two of you will have to do.

The alarm is set at 7 in the morning, the first thing we do is bake our bread and sell it in the camp-shop/reception, we answer the phone, give touristic tips and sell other goods from the shop. At the same time the restaurant area is mopped and toilets are cleaned. When finished there it´s time to clean the pool, add chlore, ph-plus and register it in the book.

By that time it´s noon and we have our lunch, hopefully without disturbance, or new arrivals. If there are reservations we have to get the units ready for the new guests. Which normally takes half an hour per unit. And because we have arrival days every day of the week it´s between 1 and 5 units a day.

At three o´clock people are allowed in their unit so we have to be ready and be in the reception area to wait. While waiting I pay the bills, order goods, keep my books and register new reservations.

Hopefully everybody is in by five, because I have to start preparing the meals for the restaurant and my kids. 3 to 6 tables a day is to be done alone. welcoming the guests, taking the orders, cooking and serving the meals and serving drinks is doable when organized.

By eleven the bar/restaurant is empty again, time to clear and clean tables and kitchen and have a nightcap. Time to go to bed.

Every day for 2 months.

4 seasons


A team arrives, about 10 people are going to help out in summer when there are 160 families on site. Guests will be everywhere; bar, restaurant, snack-bar, pool, play area´s, shop, sport fields, attending animation.

You still be cleaning, cooking, selling, serving, etc, but now with a little help. First of all you have to teach your employees the rules, the job and explain they are not on holiday. By the time the know the job they leave......

But I have to say; it´s one big family, we have good laughs, lots of fun and tears when they go home again. 2 months of high season, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (OK 16).

The last month, September, we go back to just the two of us. Pretty tired, longing for the end of the summer season. Just a few more weeks...

October and November are the months to get winter ready, shut down, putting everything inside, turning of water emptying pools, etc.

Finally 2 months of, looking forward to Xmas and new years eve....


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    • DIR-ACT profile image

      Madelon Janssen 7 years ago from Papendrecht

      Thank you!

    • bloggering profile image

      bloggering 7 years ago from Southern California

      An enjoyable article about a unique job - and welcome to HP!