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Homebased jobs in the Philippines

Updated on October 1, 2016
Work from home
Work from home | Source

Tired of commuting to work and being stuck in traffic?

If having a nine-to-five job is becoming more stressful and you feel like you (and your family) deserve a better work-life balance, then do not lose hope. These are the same things that I wanted too, until I discovered that I can work from home.

I've heard stories and seen ads on Facebook about the opportunities in working as a home based professional. At first, I had this impression that working at home is just something for moms who take care of their kids at home and wants to earn extra on the side if they have some time to spare. After doing some research, I realized that there is a lot of potential in being a home based professional.

Here are some reasons why you should consider working from home:

Thinking of working from home?


1. No more commute. No more worrying about being late because of traffic or you can't get a cab. No more worries when there's flood and storm outside. No more of those because you do not need to leave your house to work.

2. Less preparation time. You don't need to wake up three hours ahead of your shift just for preparation and travel. You can wake up 15 minutes before your shift, brush your teeth (if you’re into that), walk to your work station and log in.

stuck in traffic? Yeah... I've been there, but not anymore!
stuck in traffic? Yeah... I've been there, but not anymore! | Source

3. You spend more time with your family. Since your preparation and travel time has been reduced, you then have more time with your family or loved ones.

4. You save money. Working from home saves you travel fare or gas money and food allowance (plus mandatory team buildings and eating out). Imagine, instead of your usual Starbucks when you're outside, you can easily open a coffee sachet in your house. Let's admit it, when we are outside, there's a lot of opportunities for us to spend on things that we haven't really planned on buying. There's a lot of malls, shops, food carts or even convenient stores on your way to work or when you go home and by the end of the day you have already spent 2-3 days of your supposedly allowance because of those unnecessary purchase. If you miss going out, then go out with friends or family on a planned date. Imagine how much money you will be able to save.

4. Good salary. The average range of a home based call center agent is about $500 to $1000 a month. This of course, depends on your qualifications and experience.

5. Working from the comfort of your own home. What can be more alluring than the fact that you can work comfortably in your own office? I believe that if you are comfortable in your work place, you can be more efficient.

freelance jobs
freelance jobs | Source


Now, of course there are some disadvantages when working from home, if you do decide to try this, you need to know that:

1. There are no benefits. Aside from the salary, you won’t get your usual deductions like SSS, Philhealth and Pag ibig. This may be a good thing at first but of course these are benefits that may help us in the future. I’ve only seen a couple of home based jobs that offer HMO and most of them doesn’t offer this.

2. You need to invest. As a professional working from home, this means that you are solely responsible for your own work space and other technical requirements.

  • Work space: usually a private work space away from distractions. You need to make sure that you meet the qualifications of the work space, when required. Some clients would ask for a well lit room. Others ask for a white back ground when you use your video cam. It really depends on what job and company you would be working with.

  • Technical requirements: Most of the home based job ads has a minimum requirement of at least 2 mbps DSL connection speed. It should be a wired connection because using signal based broad bands like canopy or wireless broadband, tend to be unstable in terms of the speed. Unlike DSL or hard line connection that offers a more stable connectivity. Also, the device that you need to use should meet the requirements for the RAM, hard drive space, windows version etc. You may also need a USB headset with noise cancellation and a video cam.

Investing on computer hardware, internet connection and office space may require a large sum of money in the beginning but if you find the right gig, it may be worth it.

In or Out?

What's holding you back in becoming a home-based professional?

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What kind of jobs are available?

So, if you are still interested, here are some types of home based jobs available:


As an online English tutor, obviously, you will be teaching English to other nationalities via webcam or voice call. They are usually Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese nationals who are mostly professionals.

As a home based English instructor, you are paid by the session. Each session may range from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the company. I've seen ads that offer P80-P140 per hour and of course most of them promise additional incentives and appraisals.

Companies like 51talk, Bizmates, Rare job, Bibo are just some of the companies that offer this position.


If you are good at writing, you might also consider writing articles or essays.

There's a lot of job postings about article writers that can be found online. You will have to submit some articles or show them your blogs as a proof that you have experience and if your writing style would compliment what they are looking for.

Companies like, and provides projects wherein you can choose from different request from customers who are willing to pay up to $20 per page. Of course the customer would give the topic and put specifications needed for the article and you would see how much you can get from that article before you choose that project.


These are the jobs that you find in a call center company. There's a lot of job postings for these positions. It's just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Companies like Remotestaff, Virtual Coworker,, Myoutdesk, and Upwork are just some that you may want to check out.


If you have a talent in drawing and have a good eye for design, you may get a job as a graphic artist.

On the other hand, IT, developers and other computer-related professionals may get good paying positions or projects especially if you have a lot of experience.


There are still a lot of job positions for home based professionals, the list above are just the most commonly available.

If you are seriously considering working from home, invest on the things mentioned above. Register in one of the online job market sites available and stay active. Like traditional job hunts, search, apply and ace the interviews. Who knows, a very good offer might be made for you.

Soon, you will be saying good bye to long hours away from your family and good riddance to the grueling traffic.

Good luck!

© 2016 MangBerto08


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