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Working for

Updated on July 16, 2016
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Michael has been an online freelancer and writer for many years and loves discovering and sharing about new experiences and opportunities.

Getting Started

When I first found, I was very lucky because they were accepting applications—which I had read was something that doesn’t happen very often. And I was also very luck that, although based in the UK and catering to a British audience, they accept international writers. I quickly signed up with my details and activated my email account.

The next step was to submit an application. For this, they wanted you to select from a general topic (i.e. a product description) and then write a 200-300 word sample text for them to assess your writing skills. This was actually not too bad for an assessment test because it gives you a lot of freedom and ensures that you can produce your best work. I chose to write a review of my cell phone, based on my personal experience of it and on the factual specifications of it available online. The evaluation time normally takes 1-2 weeks.

I waited until about the middle of that period before heading back to the site to see if there were any updates on my account. To my surprise, I was completely blocked. I couldn’t even login to the account I had before because they stated that they were no longer accepting applications. Naturally, I was a bit upset that I had taken the tests already and was now not being allowed access. I sent them an email asking whether I would still be evaluated and accepted since I was in their application window. I didn’t receive any response until a week later when they accepted me and reopened my account.

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Becoming Familiar

When writing for at the beginning, I saw only a few assignments. The projects that I did see at the start were snatched-up very quickly and were quite specific in nature, asking for multiple keywords and having a long briefing for each assignment. Most of the jobs come from batches, which are similar requests from the same client. If you struggle with the subject topic though, you made not be very successful or it may not be worth your time to learn about the topic.

It seems that you either really have to know your stuff in order to write a great article that responds to the requirements, or you have to be willing to do the research on the topics. Most of the assignments that I’ve seen are in the quality level of 4 or over in greatcontent’s system of 2, 3, 4, 4+, 5, 5+, 6 and 6+. Depending on the quality of your sample, you are allocated one of these levels; I was allocated a 4+. If you receive anything under a 4, I don’t see you leveling up anytime soon due to the lack of projects needed to level up.

There’s also a highly refined system for client, and indeed author, review. You’ll have access to a page where you can see how clients have rated you and you can rate clients themselves on their briefings, which may be why they tend to be so elaborate. One of the noticeable aspects of writing for is that they allow you to receive direct orders from customers who may have liked your work. This also means that you can set your own rate, which is in English Pounds, and which is therefore a higher rate than normal. However, until you make some headway with clients, you’ll be stuck with 500-word articles for £5 for a while at level 4.

Taking the Leap

I have since committed to working for and have completed over 200 writing projects for clients on their platform. I have made a reasonable amount of online income from the site at my 4+ level and it is a site that I will definitely return to in the future for further earning potential. I therefore recommend joining the site, taking the tests, and potentially adding another useful site to the basket of websites that you work for and work with.

Indeed, if you haven’t already and are looking at expanding your online income, I would suggest thinking about your language skills, your transcription skills, and your author skills. Once you start to explore just how many ways there are to start building your online revenue streams, you’ll never want to stop.

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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 

      2 years ago from Singapore

      Something to check out. Thanks for sharing this information.


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