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Working for Universal Tours

Updated on April 19, 2014

Universal Tours Entrance


Universal Tours Work

It can be fun to work at Universal Tours and also it can be trying. I went to training to learn how to be a sales clerk. There are several small retail shops that sell souvenirs of the tours and other items. We were trained there in customer service for the tour.

Our trainer had a lot of personality, she was from Hawaii, and gave us a lot of tips for working there. We had barely any time to eat lunch and it was to continue like that. The beginning work does not pay that much. I was hired as a seasonal for the new Earthquake ride they had. I was hired at a job fair.

In training the new employees are taught that the customers are all important. You are not to show annoyance at a customer that is counting out their change slowly. So everyone that works there should be polite to the customers.

Customer service is very important to them. Everyone is expected to be very nice to the customers. There are also strict grooming requirements. On their webpage you are asked to look at their appearance guidelines before applying for work there.

There are different job categories. Universal Tours has it divided into jobs, performance roles and professional careers. Right now they are only looking for a valet runner, VIP sales and cooks in the jobs category. But it might open up soon for a job fair. They are looking for people with good customer service skills. There are strict rules to follow. I will list the different jobs they may have available that are there.

War of the Worlds


Performance Roles

This is not the type of work that will really get you noticed in Hollywood. But it could. It can be something that you can use for work while you do other things or to fill in your time. It can require an audition.

Costumed Characters - There are several characters. I used to see Frankenstein.


Improv Performers


Stilt Walkers

Show roles, actors

Right now they are looking for the Blues Brothers show.

When I was there, there were roles in the Wild West show and Star Trek.

Look-a-Like characters

They are looking for several different characters. Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop are a couple of the characters they are casting for right now.

This information is on their Universal Tours website.

Regular Behind the Scenes Jobs

Ticket Clerks

Sales clerks for stores


Food service workers

Tour guides for the trains - a foreign language is useful

Workers for the rides

Professional Careers

Examples of the work:

Vice President




Seeing Universal Tours

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The Grinch Set



You get two tickets that you can give to someone. The tickets are $84.00 now. There is also a free tour of Universal Tours.

Uniforms - They supply them and they also are cleaned there. They issue dark blue trench coats you can wear there.

When you are working there you get to go ahead in the food lines.

It is respected work in Los Angeles. It may be better to some landlords than doing acting they say. That is since it is more steady work to some.

You do get raises if you are there long enough.

They have a union that is supposed to help you.

The idea is supposed to be that you can get promoted to a higher position. Many people do and earn more money. It is not the easiest thing to do.

The Downside

The work can be dull and thankless as thousands of tourists descend on the park.

It is for the most part low paid work for the clerks at least. Some of it is seasonal work.

There are several rules. This includes the fact that even if you are not at your post yet, you are expected to give directions.

A send up of the work was done on "Married with Children". Kelly had a job at an entertainment park greeting their customers and the neighbors went back and forth bothering her and complained to management.

Universal Tours

Universal has several different tours going on. The tourists enjoy seeing where the movies are made. They are able to see a little of what goes on behind the scenes from the tour.

There are also stores where they can buy different products and souvenirs. The children have a wonderful time looking for different toys that are inspired by all of the movies. They really liked the ET toys when I was there.

The kids will also like seeing all of the costumed characters. It is aimed a bit at kids, but adults will like seeing where the movies are made also.

King Kong

King Kong - he has banana breath
King Kong - he has banana breath | Source

The Dress Code

The dress code is listed on their site when you look at what is available for employment. It is listed as just that. It is a bit restrictive.

The dress code does limit the way that you dress to the basics. It frowns a bit about someone showing a lot of individuality. But, it is meant to give the customers a good experience. Some people can go overboard.

There are rules about tattoos. There is also another rule about the earrings that you can wear. Earrings are not supposed to be too large. They want women and guys to flatten their hair down so that it is not big hair. Some of that is just so you can work easily without distractions.

If you do work somewhere that requires a uniform, of course you need to wear that.

Wisteria Land

Desperate Housewives set
Desperate Housewives set | Source


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