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Working for the Dollar

Updated on November 29, 2012
Have you seen this person at work?
Have you seen this person at work?

I have noticed a pattern in the last few years while working for the almighty dollar. This hub would pertain to those of us that are heading into the city and actually working for the dollar outside of home and under another person or companies direction.

The more involved I become in discussions with those that are voicing valid complaints in regards to the workplace, the more dismaying it becomes. Many of us seem to have developed a strong dislike for some or most of our superiors; some of the dislike may be founded and other factors may not be.

A number of companies seem to have placed certain individuals in charge who are often times not exactly impartial towards all underlings. Some supervisors or managers tend to befriend one or some of the employees and this is often times not looked upon very favorably by other employees; most times befriending a person that you are supervising can lead to a lot of grief for both parties. Further to that many of the other employees may see this as favoritism to the one that is hanging off of the bosses pant leg and this never ever works out well; causes much animosity.

We're all out there doing the same thing and that is working for the dollar so we can support our families and ourselves. We want it to be enjoyable and sincerely wish it could be enjoyable for the better part of our working time. Unfortunately this is not always possible and we have to make the most of our situations.

How do I make this work for myself? I disassociate myself from the politics and refuse to get involved in talk or behavior that is not work related. If I have a concern with what someone is saying I will generally ask. If there is a rumor mill going on and it has to do with what a co-worker or supervisor is doing outside of work, I do not partake in the gossip because it does not really matter to me what they are doing and with who.

Working for the Dollar Do's and Don'ts

Here are a few things to remember about working for the almighty dollar, I know it's tough but it makes life easier in the long run:

  • Don't recommend a friend for a job where they would be working with you. If the job is in another part of the company that has nothing to do with your job, perhaps then it will be okay.
  • If in a management position keep your personal life personal and try to refrain from becoming buddy buddy with a person you may be in charge of on the job.
  • If you give to one person in the workplace you better have enough for all.
  • People are all different and small actions can often times add up to a monster.
  • Do not speak poorly of co-workers with other co-workers, it all gets back to a person and eventually to management.
  • If you're managing a number of people, keep it professional; sore spots grow if they notice you are getting fairly chummy with one person and then stories start.
  • Whether you are an employee or in a management position always practice exemplary workplace ethics.

Going to Work Frame of Mind!

Go to work, keep your work as work, go home and enjoy being home. Have a method to the way you work, organize your time in an efficient manner. If you are unsure of something at work, ask someone who would know. It does not have to be drudgery, turn your mind to ways you can generate extra income from home, direct your mind away from negative thoughts.

Do your best to be pleasant to all, if you don't care for someone all that much do your best to stay out of where they may be, but don't make it obvious. Who knows, over time the person that you are not all that fond of now could become a great person to work with in the future. All things take time in life, even work, sometimes you just have to wait it out and hope for a better day tomorrow. If you think there is someone hanging off the bosses pant leg remember the picture at the top of this hub and find the humor in that vision.

Something to think about; let's suppose that you have a job that is not so good but also not so bad, let's face it how many of us are truly ecstatic to go to our job? Look around yourself, some others may be faring worse than you, some may want a job and do not have one to go to. You think your boss is bad, it could be much worse most likely. If you are not being treated below the rate of what the law allows, for now, try to find a way to make it work in your favor. Once you have found another source of needed income you can move on.

Tired of the same old Daily Grind?

Are you in a job that you detest going in to? Sometimes we can find ways to fix this and sometimes we cannot. If you have a bit of coin in your pocket, perhaps you can take a course which is related to a job that you would like to have. With the economy being what it is nowadays that may be a lot easier said than done... but, online learning isn't all that expensive anymore.

With so much data on the internet we can learn new skills by being able to search out information on the topic. Many times we can learn new skills for free with the use of the internet and its search engines. We all need to learn the art of selling ourselves, this does not mean we lie on our resumes it just means that we look into the facts and apply some learning time so we that we know what we're talking about when asked for more information.

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  • Magdelene profile image

    Magdelene 7 years ago from Okotoks

    Thank you prasetio30, I appreciate your comment.

    I will have to check out your hubs. Blessings to you too.

  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

    I am on the way, now. I am really working for the dollar. I just want to talk about hubpages. If you serious with writing job, I thought the money will follow us. Promise me, there are many testimonial about success story. Very inspiring hub.

    Blessing and hugs,

  • Magdelene profile image

    Magdelene 7 years ago from Okotoks

    Thank you very much L.C. and Barbergirl. We can all hope in time the truth comes out.

    Appreciate your comments.

  • L.C. Smith profile image

    L.C. Smith 7 years ago from Kentucky

    Your hub was well thought out and very insightful. I liked it very much.

  • barbergirl28 profile image

    Stacy Harris 7 years ago from Hemet, Ca

    Great hub... although it made me a little naseous... frankly I have seen this time and time again and their is absolutely nothing a person can do about it! It sucks - hopefully all those top of the ladder people read this and get an ounce of decency to how to do their job. Well said!