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Working from Home Really Can Happen

Updated on August 4, 2011

Telecommuting is the Workplace of the Future

While economic times are tough, people are in dire need of extra money, and scanning the online seach engines can often be very frustrating.

I have a full-time job as a travel agent, and I work in my pajamas in my home office on a computer they provided. This company is based on the East Coast, and I live in the Southwest. I make a great living, I have great travel benefits,2 weeks paid vacation and if I needed them, my company also provides full benefits. Sound too good to be true? It isn't. I've worked for this company for over a year, and I found it on a fantastic site few people know, Another great site to look for telecommuting jobs is (work at home moms). Both of these sites specialize in telecommuting or home-based employment.

I'm one of the lucky ones. I had no previous travel agency experience, but I do have a college degree. I went through five weeks of paid training, and since then I have been making great money.

I also suffer from terrible insomnia, so I write. My degree is in journalism, so I have experience writing, but I also found that by sharing my thoughts and my experience, I can also make money writing from home.

Another job I found, and have started, is as a English teacher for a school in Russia. I teach people who want to learn conversational English. I had no teaching experience, so I went to an online program and got certified in TESOL, and as a native English speaker, I do have something to offer.

Be careful of sites that ask for money. You can easily find a job from home at sites like Rat Race Rebellion. There are places that are hiring currently, from Staples to Jetblue Airlines to independent writing jobs...there are endless possibilities if you pursue them. Blogging is another great way to earn money, and on Rat Race they have companies that hire to blog.

I would probably be better off sleeping than juggling all of these jobs, but I figure it this way...if I am up, I might as well be making money!


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