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Working hard is not enough, here's what you need if you want career advancement

Updated on March 30, 2016

Working hard is not enough, here's what you need if you want career advancement

Hard is not enough, let's work in a smart way.
What is the best way to keep my form work in a day? This is a question a lot of people love the attention.
One must first understand that the behavior and attitude of your energy goes to work and then go down is inevitable. Those who work seems to have endless energy source without any other secret is to recognize and adjust job matching his own pace.
There are two things to resolve that question include:
- How do they maximize the level of your energy?
- What to do when making the transition from its high to low high?
With the first issue, there are steps you can do to take advantage of the moment after the best work of the day is as follows.
1. Learn about the level of your own energy
Despite its high volatility work of everyone seems to follow a similar pattern at a certain level as the decline in the afternoon, but it still belongs to the individual person.
So first you need to know about the model change its energy. Stay tuned to the energy levels of your work in a few days, rating them on a scale of 1-10 hours per hour. You will be very surprised to find that you work well in any hour instead still think this is improvisation.
From there you will have the facility to schedule their work more relevant.
2. Assign your tasks appropriate to each level of energy
Now you know exactly when that style of his work good and bad, you can start planning accordingly.
Inc. magazine recommend splitting all the tasks into three categories:
- High-energy task: When your energy is at its peak from 8-10. This is the most precious time of you. Let's use this time for the most important tasks and complex tasks. Be really focused on them, do not let any disruption interrupted this time. You'll accomplish a lot of work in this peak.
- Average energy task: When energy fall into the 5-7, do the job that requires moderate as energy-related communication, meetings, things do not need to make decisions, ..
- Low energy task: That amount is the moment you fell 0-5 for the boring, repetitive. These jobs can be passive as reading news, watching books, listening to customers, or anything else.
3. Working in a 60-120 minute cycle and rest
Due to the biological cycles of man, we can do a job continuously for about 90 minutes before losing concentration and alertness. Scientific studies have proven that the break between periods will be better for the performance and style of your work. So from now on let's allow ourselves to rest to recover after a period of focus.
4. Track your performance
Once you begin to act and work schedule for each energy level, the next step to do is track the results you get back with solid performance throughout the day.
This data, when compared to the model change from high to low energy during the day will provide an overview on the actual work effectively you like. You will be able to make more precise adjustments to your work and your schedule once you have all this information. There are applications that makes it easy to track as Toggl, RescueTime.
So the question remains is the working style of drop you should do? Whether drinking coffee or energy drinks to pull back in shape? Here are a few tips for you:
1. With Coffee
You should stop relying on caffeine to increase energy goes to work artificially. Caffeine disrupts sleep, even if you use it at noon, especially in the afternoon. Instead, you should build to increase energy naturally work through good diet, sleep, exercise.
2. Exercise
Do not just walk lightly for 30 minutes, you can set more severe if all men. If women, some high intensity exercises can apply as CrossFit. Exercise and proper diet will provide abundant energy source for you.
3. Stay away from sugars
Roads only you immediate soothing but very harmful for health. This is also one of the causes of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, ...
4. Improve the quality of your sleep
Make sure your bedroom is completely dark. Wear earplugs if necessary. Do not look at the screen smartphone or electronic device at least 1 hour before you go to bed. If you really need to look at them, please adjust the brightness down as low as possible. And the thing to do is to start going to bed at a certain hour of the day is about.


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