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Working in Teams- LinkedIn

Updated on June 7, 2015

The News of LinkedIn Corporate Communications Team

LinkedIn announces its name widely as a social networking service based on business sector. According to statistics, in 2014, LinkedIn has more than 350 million users in all over the world. Reid Hoffman as a leading figure and his prominent team play a crucial role in the development of LinkedIn. The function of LinkedIn differs itself from other networks in a sense that LinkedIn embraces professional connections and job opportunities by reaching a broad audience. Users create convenience in order to provide their abilities and find an appropriate job offer or employee thanks to the connection of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn includes 23 languages as the fastest-growing network site. With the latest announcement, LinkedIn expands its propagation in Arabic language globally. LinkedIn disseminates its mission on the development of efficient and prosperous connection. Noura Al Kaabi, a member of the FNC of the UAE, points out that the initiation of LinkedIn Arabic fulfills an important step towards enforcing the Arabic business sector. LinkedIn Arabic will facilitate greater communication among individuals, employees and major companies with the capability of looking for opportunities that comply with their skills and potential.

Furthermore, LinkedIn attempts to corporate with, based on online teaching company about marketing and business areas so as to train people for their abilities and goals. The aims of both companies correlate with each other in a way that both help people improve their professional field and career. Thus, the teams of LinkedIn and have agreed to become their partner by contacting with people. The CEO of, Eric Robison, asserts that they have found a fabulous partner who shares their vision and mission in all over the world by accessing to information, career and professional development in LinkedIn. The strategies of both companies will enable people to integrate with each other as well as technology and professional improvement.

The status of LinkedIn proves its significance as a professional network among LinkedIn members and companies. Many companies share their products or services to pay people or other companies’ attention while some search for a qualified or employee in their job position. On the other hand, people can share their profile or updates the change of their skills, abilities or education in order to find new job alternatives. Employees or companies can find a proper connection with a different company or employee and this may create a social conversation globally. LinkedIn is a social platform to provide them a professional online environment.


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