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Working in the Great Outdoors…Or, at Least Outside!

Updated on May 19, 2014

Desks or Leaves?

We all have a particular passion in our lives. Hopefully we are lucky enough that we obtain employment in a field which is connected to our passions, either directly or indirectly. Many of us go to school to obtain degree and become a professional, working in an office from nine to five every day. This daily routine keeps us cooped up inside for a majority of the time. This is not for everyone. Some of us go to trade school, attaining skills for a particular profession, like a chef or court stenographer. These jobs also are spent mostly indoors. A large portion of the labor force does not go to school. They gather the appropriate skills with on the job training. They get hired as a low level employee and are shown the ropes of the profession, slowly ascending through the company ranks to attain a level of stability and security. Some of these jobs are mobile, requiring you to go form one location to the next. You are working outside, not in an office. This may be more your speed, not tied to a desk, but having the ability and freedom to move about, see different parts of the region, and interact with humans, not just through the computer or phone, but actually face to face.

Varied choices

There are many jobs that require you to move about from one location to the next. You could be a salesman, who has to make various calls at home and businesses. You could be a meter reader for a power company, requiring you to drive to homes or offices and take down the accurate display of usage by the company or individuals. You could work as a police officer or firefighter, who does have a home base, but more often than not is out of the precinct or firehouse to do the job. You could deliver the mail or other packages, requiring you to drive to the different destinations to make your deliveries.

Vehicle is your office

For some jobs like carpet cleaning, pool cleaning, or sprinkler maintenance, your truck is your office. You have all the tools of your trade in your truck, including paperwork needed to complete the tasks. You drive to each jobsite with the materials and mechanical tools needed for each task. For these jobs, your machines are necessary parts of doing the job. Your vehicle becomes a mode of transportation, a means of storage, and a container to cart materials.

Powering your business

If you clean carpets or pools, you could use the power at the location to run your machines. But in some cases, you need a special large machine, which is permanently installed in your truck. You cannot carry it from your truck to the yard or inside the house. You need power to run the machine. You could connect the machine directly to your truck battery, using its direct current to operate the machine. Or you can install a power inverter, and multiple batteries to operate a number of tools. Your power inverter will convert the direct current from the batteries to alternating current so that you can plug in a variety of different tools that may be needed for your job.

Not For You?

Working Outside!


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