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Career women, working women or financially independent women. Can they enjoy happy family life too?

Updated on August 23, 2012
Working women
Working women | Source

How working women can enjoy family and career without compromising anyone?

Working women with happy family life, is it a dilemma? As I go through life and meet people, I encounter lot of women sacrificing their careers for the sake of family. On the flip side, I see women working long hours and hiring nannies to help but still feeling guilty over their inability to spend quality time with family. Stress is becoming synonymous with working women. Women tend to live longer life than men, but this trend is diminishing too due to higher stress and responsibility of working women. Is there a better way? Can working women have better of both worlds? What is the solution?

Here, I am going to share some strategies to help working women make a positive difference to their life, family and career:

1. Working women need to plan, plan and plan. Planning is an important skill which we all need and it can make a big difference to your journey and results. Before starting a family, think of choices that can provide a win-win solution to both career and family. Life is full of creativity and we need to use it to find solutions which are good for everybody. Working women need to play active role instead of passive. The few creative solutions can be early negotiation with boss on flexible hours, working from home, finding home near your office or office near your home, using entrepreneurship skills to do business, online investment or trading, freelance jobs and many more. Many women after giving birth, just quit their job and later find it difficult to return back to workforce. They miss their old life but are forced by circumstances. Hence, advance planning is critical to enjoy good family and career life.

2. Working women need to network. Networking and meeting people helps to reduce stress, share problems and find good solutions.There are lot of women sharing same concerns of family and work. Networking and meeting people of different backgrounds helps to expand mind and horizon beyond our small world. We can see the big picture and think of creative ways to handle our situations. A small business, investment club, franchise, etc. can begin from such meetings and they have a high potential of good success. In group, there is collective power of different strengths of people whereas in isolation, people tend to feel demotivated and procrastinate. Hence, working women can start with a small step of networking which can make a huge difference to their life journey.

3. Working women need to ask for help. Super women, who takes care of children, housework and manage career are common these days. After some period of overwork, they tend to suffer burnout and even breakdown in their marriage and family life. They are surprised as they did their best. The solution lies in balance and delegating the work to family members. When all members contribute to family, they tend to feel part of family too. Working women need to ask for help, it could be from spouse, parents, children, relatives, neighbor or anybody they can think. It is best to understand that we all need rest and personal time. Women need to respect themselves and give time for personal reflection and rejuvenation. It will make them more productive at work and help them to make a positive difference in their family too. If we are too tired all the time and just finishing the chores, life becomes a burden and boring. When working women ask for external help, they help themselves, family and their career too.

Life is all about choices. We can choose to be victim or victors. Let all women make best choices for themselves by being more proactive and open about choices available to them. It can make a big difference to their life, family, society, jobs and world too.


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    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 5 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Sueswan, I agree with you. Asking for help and delegating the work to others might not be natural instinct for most women, including me. However, it can make a big difference if we do try to take support from other people.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago

      Hi Ruchiurvashi,

      A very useful and interesting hub for working women on how to balance their careers and family life.

      I think it is very important for woman to ask for help. I don't think this is easy for many women as we are naturally nuturers by nature and are always helping others.